Stev Zion; I think we should give more attention to the Gospel industry… | GP One on One Chat with Achiba Gascony

On the 13th June 2021 was a time with a wonderful personality in the Urban Gospel Industry. He’s name is Stev Zion.

Stev Zion is an Urban Gospel Rapper. He started ministry in 2017 and has released five solid popular songs such as FIRST FLIGHT GANG etc.
His role models are TB1 , a Nigerian Gospel Rapper and TruSouth the King.He fellowships with Christ Embassy and he’s passionate about the things of God, his songs are proof. Apart from music, he’s also good at painting.

GP One on One Chat with Stev Zion.

Join me Achiba Gascony and let’s discover his wonderful world and remember, the Youth is You. We move!

The Interview

Achiba: Stev Zion is in the building. I’m happy you’re on this platform. I’m very honoured sir. You’re welcome sir.

Stev: Thank you sir. Blessings.

Achiba: So before we start, you’ve been part of GP One on One Chat for a while, what can you say about the program?

Stev: This program is changing and blessing life all around the globe. I have really learnt alot from GP ONE ON ONE sir and thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of this great family.

Achiba: Glory to God. Sir let’s start everything with God. Please pray for us.

Stev: Okay, let’s pray.

Dear father, we serve you in truth, according to your word. We ferventing in Spirit as we about to start this program, serving you with joy and bringing glory to your precious name in Jesus name…AMEN

Achiba: Powerful prayer sir!

So how was your day? And church? Did you minister in church today?

Stev: Amazing day. I was in church but did not minister today sir. I do minister wen there’s a program coming on in church.

Achiba: Oh okay. So now tell me, who’s Stev Zion?

Stev: Stev Zion is the first born of Mr and Mrs Agbo who’s passionate for the kingdom of God. Kobla Stephen Agbo is my name. I’m an Ewe.

Stev Zion in a shot.

Achiba: Aww I’m in love with the name.

So what’s your education background?

Stev: I’m an SHS graduate sir.

Achiba: Are you planning to continue or you think it’s not important as Jake D’Prince (our first guest speaker on GP One on One Chat) said?

Stev: It’s important sir …and am still planning to continue soon.

Achiba: Sure.

We know you’re an ardent Christian. Why Jesus? Why do you love him that much?

Stev: Sir what will a man gain in exchange of his soul. He first loved and sacrificed his life for me, so I have no option but to return the love to him. No other love can be compared to His.

Achiba: Wow! So how is life in and with Christ? Is it difficult?

Stev: I love this question sir. Not at all because They that wait on the LORD shall renew their strength. I’m always moving upward and forward only sir.

Achiba: Are you trying to say, Christianity will only be difficult if you don’t wait for God to renew your strength?

Stev: Very sure.

Achiba: Okay. Let’s be real here sir.

Has your Christian journey been smooth since you have your life to God? No falling?

Stev: It hasn’t been easy at all
But as I hope, pray and wait on him.
I can boldly say things are moving on well sir.

Achiba: Oh okay…

Hope. Pray. Wait. Massive keys.

Before you gave your life to Jesus, how was life? Were you a…?

Stev: Hmm all I can say is that;
2 corinthians 5:17 “ Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Achiba: Okay. So when and how the passion for music get started?

Stev: I started my ministry way back in school wen I gave my life to CHRIST, that was 2017.

Achiba: Oh nice….
So why did you choose your career in entertainment?

Stev Zion performing with Captain Phronesis

Stev: I have the Passion for it sir.

Achiba: You’re in the Urban Gospel industry right? Are you okay with the industry?

Stev: I’m ok but I think we should give more attention to the Gospel industry and focus on what we’ve been call to do.

Achiba: Are we not doing something? What’s wrong with the industry?

Stev: We need give more attention to it sir. Matt.28.18 – And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
Matt.28.19 – Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
Matt.28.20 – Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

Achiba: Okay and we’re doing our best.


Where from this? Is it your signature or what?

Stev: Rom.1.16 – “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

Achiba: The reason behind Raaahhhhh. Powerful sir.

But most people are referring you as Raaahhhhh. Are you okay with it?

Stev: Stev zion and Raaahhhhh does the same work. Anytime Raaahhhhh is been mentioned then you have to pay straight attention. There’s power in that name;

Achiba: Then I can say Stev Zion is the brand and Raaahhhhh is the signature.

You had a nice collaboration with Captain Phronesis and AJ Wonder. “First Flight Gang.”

Tell us more about the song.

Stev: First flight gang talks about the soon coming of the MASTER.
So we as believers are getting the lost sheeps back before the rapture should take place.

Achiba: Jesus is coming soon.

But the message is too powerful. How did you get these lyrics?

Stev: Praying and feeding on the word of God.

Download Audio

Watch Official Video Here

Get Song Lyrics

Achiba: Give us freestyle. I will sing the chorus and you give us the rap. Your mind dey?

It’s was fun! Stev Zion gave us the First Flight Gang freestyle and made a freestyle for GP One on One Chat. As for my part, I killed the chorus.

So any project coming on? What should we expect?

Stev: Sure; a single coming soon. entitled SOLD OUT and a hot E.P on the fire as well.

Achiba: Wooo! Are you featuring anyone?

Stev: Sure. Awesome ministers will be on. Some are from GP One on One Chat.

Achiba: Wow! Then I’m the first person oo. Haha! Last question sir

Who are your greatest influence?

Stev: TB.1 and Tru South

Stev Zion with Role models; Tru South and TB 1

Achiba: Awesome.

We’re taking questions from the audience.

Questions from the Audience.

Kartey: @⁨Activist Steve Zion⁩ Please how will you classified the kind of Gospel song you do?

Stev: Urban Gospel

Kartey: Okay what makes the urban gospel different from the comtemporary gospel?

Stev: They are all the same, but just that the youth loves the urban more than contemporary gospel.

Miss Milly: Is it okay to charge as a gospel artist before you perform or you prefer appreciation?

Stev: Appreciation is the right way.

Kartey: Do you find yourself doing contemporary music in the up coming years?

Stev: Not at all. I’m an urban gospel artist.

KBro: What exactly is Urban Gospel?

Stev: Urban gospel is a modern subgenre of gospel music.

Kartey: In the Years ahead of us. If we see stev Zion Music what are we going to see?

Stev: Souls,souls, countless souls. That what’s I stand for.

Thank you, my lovely audience.

Final Words.

Achiba: Stev, any last word for the youth?

Stev: Hope, pray and wait on the LORD; for he does his things at the right time.

Achiba: Sure. Any blessings from GP One on One Chat?

Stev: GP One on One Chat is, will and always be the best.

Achiba: Amen and amen.

Stev Zion, I’m very grateful you honoured this interview. You’re so humble. You’re like a brother to me. We will go far.

Stev: Thank you sir. I also appreciate your support from day one. God bless you. Thanks to all my fans.

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Achiba: Bless up.

Thank you my lovely audience for a massive support. Many come and go but still you’re with me in this dream.

God richly bless you guys and I love you.

I’m Achiba Gascony, your fascinating host, I see you doing something for the kingdom of God, I catch for an exploration. Follow me on Facebook.

Thank to all of you who participated and followed the interview. God bless you very much. I hope you were inspired and motivated?

Thank you once again.

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Closing Prayer.

Abba Father, you’re great and you’re greatly to be praised. Thank you for blessing us with your Word and with Stev Zion. We’ve been refreshed, inspired and motivated to do more for the kingdom. Thank you again in Jesus name. Amen

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Now, who’s the next guest speaker?

VBuqs: Every Artists Needs A Blogger … |GP One on One Chat with Achiba Gascony.

It was a memorable Sunday night with The Urban Gospel President, VBuqs on GP One on One Chat, 6th July 2021.

VBuqs have been a wonderful personality in the body of Christ…

Our finest blogger, being the backbone of the success of many urban Gospel Artists.

GP One on One Chat with VBuqs

Join me, Achiba Gascony, to discover the world of this wonderful youth.

The Interview.

Achiba: Sir we’re much grateful for you to be in our midst.

VBuqs: I’m honored to be amongst great family.

Achiba: We’re really blessed. Sir please how are you?

VBuqs: I’m awesome sir.

Achiba: Glory to God! How was church today?

VBuqs: Church was really sweet.

Achiba: Wooo! Glory! I hope you’re really ready for us? Every part of your world is going to be discovered.

VBuqs: Let’s go!

Achiba: Okay! Would you pray for us to begin?

VBuqs: Sure.

Father in the name of Jesus. As we are about to begin a session, we pray your name be praised. Let this session inspire and motivate your children in good faith. We pray any soul that Wana give up on his talent be lifted up with a fighting spirit to fulfill your purpose in Jesus’name. Amen

Achiba: Amen! Powerful prayer sir.

Today we’re going to be inspired to fulfill our purpose in life.
Sir, are you in the house? Or?

VBuqs: Yep, just got home from Krobo Odumase. I went to celebrate my grandpa’s 80th birthday.

Achiba: And you didn’t invite me?

VBuqs: I will do that on the 81st.

Achiba: Okay sir.

Sir, please can you tell us about yourself?

VBuqs: I’m Vincent Olesu Teye-Kodji, last baby of four siblings. Loves good music and loves to give out first hand information. Fan of traveling and exploring. Bit of fashion and anti-racist.

Vincent Olesu Teye-Kodji

Achiba: Kaakyire (Last born). You from Krobo right?

VBuqs: Yep. Proud one.

Achiba: That’s nice sir.

But a young guy who can do anything with your life but chose to serve God with it. Why that decision?

VBuqs: What’s life without Jesus?? He’s the reason for our existence. One is practically lifeless if you ain’t living for Him. I don’t want to be dead living. I have mostly lived in Christ ever since I got my first blow of kenkey. Think about this hahaha

Achiba: Haha interesting. This is exciting.

So sir how was life before you started living for Christ? Were you bad like Obbey Tunes?

VBuqs: I was a serious bully and womanizer. Never did Smoke and Alcohol though.

Achiba: Womaniser? If I may ask, how many girls fell into the trap?

VBuqs: No numbers but many. Haha!

Achiba: You were doing it the most. Haha! But glory to God that you’re now born again.

So how is life in Christ now?

VBuqs: Life is Best in Christ. There’s much peace at heart now. Glory!

Achiba: Aww glory! Your a blogger. Can you tell us about your blog?

VBuqs: I’m strictly bout Urban Gospel Entertainment, Brands & Products. If it’s about Jesus, Good Vibe. Just count me in.

Achiba: Sharp! So what made you decide to be a blogger?

VBuqs: I’m just that guy who loves to be first to drop the best content to the world. I don’t really see myself a blogger but a promoter and informative.

Achiba: What’s the difference between a blogger and a promoter?

VBuqs: That’s a good one. Promoter is one who can in addition help one with plugs. Help them get away large with their craft. Blogger one who writes articles for a blog.

Achiba: Oh okay. Large difference. So how did you first get into blogging?

Glover met Efe Grace to get into blogging. What about you?

VBuqs: I met myself to start, haha! Like i mentioned, I’m that guy who loves to give out information about people, brands or products before anyone does.

Promoter Extraordinaire

Achiba: Hihi, okay.

So how do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

VBuqs: Despite I’m sometimes busy, I make huge time to blog because when it’s passion, you don’t no excuse than to make it a crucial occasion. What I do is part of my life.

Achiba: Oh so blogging is not just your hobby?

VBuqs: I was called for this. It’s not a complete day if I don’t give out information to the world.

Achiba: Wow! This is what we call passion.

How do you stay motivated?

VBuqs: My whole motivation comes from praying. I don’t post without praying. God practically tells me what to write before I proceed posting. Gospel rapper Esaias taught me how to do this, “Don’t post without praying.”

Achiba: Can this be general or it applies to you only?

VBuqs: For growth & relevance in every ministry, let prayer be your handbag. I encourage everyone make it a must.

Achiba: Thank you sir. Hey family, that’s one strategy of growth and relevance.

So how do you attract new readers?

VBuqs: I’m just me, God keeps adding up.

I’m coming up with “up to date” trendy stories. – VBuqs


Achiba: Grace at work.

Sir, people think pursuing such career is a waste of time especially if you’re doing it for Jesus. What do you think?

VBuqs: Pursuing your purpose on earth ain’t no waste of time. Helping building the kingdom with new souls ain’t no waste of time. Blogging for money is a waste of time when you ain’t meeting up with the monies, haha!

Achiba: Haha really?

VBuqs: Some bloggers call it a waste of time just because they made money a main priority.

Achiba: Into my pocket. Thank you sir

Would you advise someone to become blogger?

VBuqs: Yep. If it’s a calling, it’s a must to do. If you just want to be one, just do it. It pays off more than Bankers. It’s fulfilling to get people informed about info’s they ain’t aware of.

VBuqs with Precious Tritone Maw, the CEO of Alpha Gospel.

Achiba: Oh wow!

So how many years have you been into blogging?

VBuqs: Since 2014, 7years.

Achiba: Woo!

Then Glover is your son. Haha!

VBuqs: Lemme put in this; Gospel blogs in Ghana is not where it’s suppose just because of the unlove for it. Ghanaians behave as though they love God but it’s just be words and not action. Was discussing same topic with my pastor today. If Christians will be Christians in Ghana, Gospel Bloggers will be the trend because Christians have the numbers.

Achiba: Yes oo. This matter? There are a few who love in action.

Any advice for Ghana Christian bloggers?

VBuqs: Just pray before posting and they should invest in their craft. Push more money to get out there.

Achiba: When did this happened?

VBuqs: The day I shot an interview with Jonn Winner in October 20. She’s part of Team Jonn Winner. JW actually gave me this plug.

Achiba: Awesome.

What relationship do you have with Kobby Salm and Scott Evans? You often blog them.

VBuqs: Simply the artistes who give bloggers enough content.

Achiba: Oh okay.

Would you advise Urban Gospel Artists to have a blogger in their team?

VBuqs: It’s a must sir. KobbySalm does, same as Evans Scott. I believe some others also have it. As an artiste, you are missing out if you don’t have a blogger to your credit. Some works are for bloggers and not the artiste.

Achiba: Don’t you think it’s expensive as an upcoming Artist?

VBuqs: Simply get a blogger who believes in your craft and ready to get along. You can even teach a friend who’s interested in blogging, teach him and work.

Achiba: Insight!

So who are you biggest influence in your career?

VBuqs: My dad, Regardless, Esaias, KobbySalm. Thanks to LilZiG & Scott too.

Achiba: What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from it?

VBuqs: No one owes you support, just keep working and in due time. It’s gonna pay off.

I use to lookout for people to support me but it ended up in tears so I don’t do that no more.

Achiba: Awww I ll put this into my pocket. Sir please we will take questions from the audience.

Questions from the Audience.

Ayeyi: Sir @⁨VBuqs⁩ please my first question is what does it take for one to get you to be a blogger for a team?

VBuqs: Eeeeerm will first lookout for your craft if it fits my taste, if it’s does then we move and must be ready to appreciate my works.

Ayeyi: Would also like to know what the Christian bloggers are doing to help the other gospel musician in the other parts of the country? Because it looks as if all the attention is on those in Accra.

VBuqs: I believe most bloggers should do more research on artistes outside Accra and supporting them in their own small way. Artistes too should lookout for bloggers because most bloggers have people they are comfortable working with too.

Philanzy: Please do you have a particular artist you working for/with?

VBuqs: Dennis Enim, Scott Evans, KobbySalm & Obbey Tunes for now.

Philanzy: What are the terms?
What should the artist do or be doing?

VBuqs: Just a DM, away! Haha

Final Words.

Achiba: Ah VBuqs, why say you nor marry? haha

VBuqs: Chale the money no reach oooo. How I wish say I will marry and building my family but…

Achiba: Awww… Ego reach this year.

Any last word for the youth who want go outside the box?

VBuqs: Stick to your calling. Love God and love People.

Achiba: Yes.

So sir any blessings for GP One on One Chat?

VBuqs: This is soon the best media space in Ghana. Mark my words.

Achiba: Amen! I believe it.

Okay family, if you’re a gospel artist and you want the best blogger in the industry, then it’s VBuqs, the urban Gospel president.

He’s the co-founder of VPJ GLB Consult a digital marketing firm which puts more light on your Brand, Music & Projects, Business etc

Ah Buqs, you be Urban Gospel president?

VBuqs: Self acclaimed haha. But I believe I’m doing the most for Urban Gospel.

Achiba: Yhyh you’re doing the most. Kudos! So we’ve come to the end…

Buqs any last word before we call it a night?

VBuqs: Believe God. Believe your Craft and Pray. Never ever Give up unless God says so.

Achiba: Buqs, thank you very much for honouring this interview. You’re such a humble soul.

As for me, you’re a role model.

God richly bless you.

VBuqs: Bless you guys moooore. Love to be here again.

Achiba: Aww thank you sir.

Thank you my lovely audience for a massive support. Many come and go but still you’re with me in this dream.

God richly bless you guys and I love you.

I’m Achiba Gascony, your fascinating host, I see you doing something for the kingdom of God, I catch for an exploration. Follow me on Facebook.

Thank to all of you who participated and followed the interview. God bless you very much. I hope you were inspired and motivated?

Thank you once again.

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Feel free to share it. Let’s support the youth.

Closing Prayer.

Abba Father, you’re great and you’re greatly to be praised. Thank you for blessing us with your Word and with VBuqs. We’ve been refreshed, inspired and motivated to do more for the kingdom. Thank you again in Jesus name. Amen

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Now who’s our next guest speaker?

GP One on One Chat with The TRaP Maestros.

On the 31st of May, 2021, The TRaP Maestros was on this platform for an interview.

TRaP Maestros is a Ghanaian Urban Gospel trio made up of three(3) personalities, Wisdom Gbemu (TimmerOne), Richie Mensah (RicichieDeSmart) and Richmond Owusu Cobby Worlanyo (Philanzy).

The main aim of the group is to spread the gospel through spirit-filled, motivating, entertaining, educative and Inspiring music to the street and every corner of the world, winning souls and drawing believers more closer to God.

TRaP is Here to Catch you For Christ hence their Slogan goes “We Catch you for Christ

GP One on One Chat with The TRaP Maestros

Join me, Achiba Gascony, let’s discover their world. Let’s move into the interview.

The Interview.

Achiba(host): Hello TRaP Maestros, I’m very glad you’re in our midst and we know we will be blessed by you. Thank you for honouring this interview.

TimmerOne: We are much grateful for this opportunity. It’s all to His Glory.

Philanzy: So grateful to be on this platform bro. Thank you also very much.

RichieDeSmart: It’s an honour for us to be here tonight.

Achiba (host): @⁨RichieDeSmart⁩ please pray so we start.

RichieDeSmart: Sure

Father, we thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us that we don’t even know and for our lives and for how far you’re sending us. We lift up your name high. We put this interview into your hands as we call upon you to come and lead us. Let’s make this interview one big thing. Start, continue and end with us in Jesus’name. Amen.

Achiba: Amen and amen!

Let’s begin…

I know a lot about you guys. What else do we have to know about The TRaP Maestros?

TimmerOne: Okay for the benefit of others, we will like to go over what you already know please.

Achiba: Okay we move.

TRaP: Ok TRaP is a team of brothers. Ready and always ready for Christ and also multi talented. We started this officially in 2017 with our first single WEAPON and since then we have 10 other songs to our credit…

Achiba: So lemme ask, how did you guys come together? Like how did it started?

TRaP: We’ve been together since birth. It all started when our nephew completed school and joined us (myself and Richie). But before then we already knew our gifts. We were individually doing our music before we finally came together.

Achiba: Then what of RichieDeSmart?

RichieDeSmart: Myself and Timmer are from same parents. Philanzy is our nephew.

Achiba: Wooo! Then this not an ordinary group.

But you guys are still together, still having the energy as though you just started this trio, what has kept you guys together like that?

The TRaP Maestros

RichieDeSmart: Ok…
Aside our blood relation, we believe our dedication and passion to spread the Gospel through music is so much that our differences don’t matter..

And also just like you said, this is not an ordinary group, we have been called and so we like to believe that we are destined to do this.

Achiba: So it belief, passion and destiny that has kept you guys… Wow!

So why Jesus? Why do you guys love Jesus that much?

Philanzy: Well, we believed and know he died for us which shows he first loved us so ought to love him too. We want to prove that love with the talents He blessed us with.

Achiba: Aww! That’s cool.

Many Youths are out there, proving themselves to men… But you’re proving yourselves to God. Don’t you guys think you’re wasting your time?

TimmerOne: [laughed] Wasting you say. IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD AND THE WORD IS GOD. THERE IS NOTHING wasteful when it comes to Christ.

RichieDeSmart: Exactly!
We are Christians..
Doing it for God is in our DNA

Achiba: Are you sure? So I can bet my life with serving God and I won’t waste it at all?

Philanzy: Not at all.

Achiba: Family, anything outside God is a waste! Live your life for Jesus.

Thank you TRaP.

So sirs, when and how did you give your life to Jesus?

TimmerOne: I was actually born in the Church.

RichieDeSmart: Personally, I was born into Christianity because my parents were born again. But I got to know Him more as I was growing up.

Philanzy: I was born for Christ, to Christ and in Christ so my life already belongs to him and him only.

Achiba: So you had no drama like some us? Some of us use to run away when we’re invited to church. Pastors will chase us. Some of us angels must appear before we knew Christ. You had no such things?

Philanzy: [laughed]No drama. We belong to him.

TimmerOne: The Actual fact too is without a personal encounter with Christ, your service to Christ is very very challenging. So the Drama might defer sir.

Achiba: So how was your encounter?

TimmerOne: Me getting to know more about Him Sir. Reading the Bible, listening to Preachings and just having that feeling about Him as my Savior. The very day I confessed Him to the congregation.

The TRaP Maestros in Church service.

Achiba: Wow! So the love begun to grow… Kayaba!

Okay, so how is life in Christ? Any testimonies?

Philanzy: Life in Christ for me is the best living, especially your prayers are answered, bro that feeling is just amazing. I had an accident! A total fracture (broke my leg). The doctors said they had to cut it off but with prayers and God’s ideas I’m walking and running again. Actually our song M’aseda is a testimony. Glory to God!

TimmerOne: Where we come from I should say it’s very hard and its only you having Christ that can help you progress in life and my ever testimony is We’re still alive. Without Christ in us we Like an empty Bowl.

RichieDeSmart: I have encountered Jesus countless times. From the many prayers that have been answered to the many times I’ve been rescued from near deaths. I know my God lives!

Achiba: Wow powerful testimonies. Glory to God. Tears in my eyes.

So what made you guys to desire a career in the entertainment industry?

RichieDeSmart: Like I said before, we knew our gifts very early. We had the desire long ago.

Philanzy: Me personally, my mom was the choir mistress so the desire was massive.

Achiba: But you guys are doing well with the music. You recently became the 2nd on music play list with M’aseda Remix. Congratulations.

TRaP: We believe everyone is unique in the style of Preaching the Word and its everyone’s joy to push his style…

Its not the number 2 that we celebrating but the message getting to more people.

Achiba: You’re smart.

So who are your biggest influence in the kingdom of God?

TRaP: The biggest influence is Christ, the Alpha and Omega, our Messiah and our army commander. If God is Spirit you ought to be influenced by the SPIRIT.

Achiba: Same here!

Christ influences men through men, do you have people like that? Who are they?

RichieDeSmart: Sure. In terms of music, we are motivated by the likes of Preachers, Kingzkid, TKC, Acapella de burner , Joe mettle etc…

Philanzy: We are motivated by men but Influenced and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Achiba: I knew it! Nice one there.

Now let’s talk about M’aseda Remix, I’ve been blessed myself with this song…
Who sang the chorus?


TimmerOne: RichieDeSmart did.

Achiba: Wow! I love the song especially the chorus. Family, you should listen to this song. The beat is also sweet to the ears.

RichieDeSmart sing the chorus for us. Philanzy, let the rap follow. TimmerOne make it flow.

It was amazing on the platform. The TRaP performed M’aseda Remix on the platform. We had an awesome time.

Achiba: So I think there’s a project coming on? New song is cooking right?

TRaP: Yes. It’ll be dropped next month. Title is Eli Eli.

Achiba: In anticipation. Why this song? Is it because they scored Man City? [Laughed]

TimmerOne: [laughed]Okay Deuteronomy 31:6 says,
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, or the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. We just want to tell others not to give up because of circumstance.
After Christ called on His father He again said, LET THY WILL BE DONE. It means you may desire for something and if its not there, it does not mean you are not loved by CHrist

Wait for What He has installed for you.

Achiba: Wow! Then this month is the month of Eli Eli. I’m in anticipation. Last question.

Are you guys in a relationship?

RichieDeSmart: Yes I’m in a relationship.

TimmerOne: By His grace I’m married. sir.

Philanzy: I’m not.

Any questions from the audience?

Questions from the Audience.

Stev Zion: Where do they fellowship?

TimmerOne: I’m in the Church of Pentecost sir.

Philanzy: RichieDeSmart and me are in Action Fire and Faith Chapel International.

Kofi Ayeyi: God bless you guys so so much. Honestly you guys are a blessing. My first question goes to Timmer

How are u able to combine marriage with ministry?

TimmerOne: Oh okay! It’s just by the grace of God. I started the ministry way back before I got married and I’m actually blessed with a woman who also sings and understands the ministry. She understands that we have to do something for God so it not difficult to combine these two.

TimmerOne with his wife, Lawra Sakyi.

Kofi Ayeyi: My next question goes to Philanzy and Richie

How did nice guys like you end up being a Chelsea fans?

RichieDeSmart: [laughed] No comment from me.

Kofi Ayeyi: My last question

How do you guys get your songs?

RichieDeSmart: We get our songs from a couple of sources..
First, the Holy Spirit, everyday life and personal experiences.

Kofi Ayeyi: Last question
When are you guys featuring me on a song.

Philanzy: When u become a Chelsea fan. [laughed]
Actually we are ever ready to have songs with you bro.

Foreign: Wanted to ask since you guys decided to serve God with your clean heart and through your music you preach the gospel out, what are some of the things that you can tell us that you have benefitted from?

Philanzy: Good question! We’ve won souls through our music and also strengthen the faith of other believers… That’s the most important achievement.

Afia Erica: Philanzy, why are you not in a relationship? Is it difficult for you while you are into ministry?

Philanzy: [laughed] Oh not really but just want to be single for now please.

Thank you my lovely audience for such participation. I’m really humbled.

Final Words.

Achiba: So TRaP, any last word for the youths? Motivate us.

TimmerOne: OKAY before we motivate

Our first thanks goes to the Almighty God for the gift of Life and making it happen again as we had a successful studio session today, our second thanks goes to Achiba Gascony for the opportunity giving. We had a nice time here sharing Christ to our fellow Youths and our last thanks to everyone here who made this a success.

God richly and widely bless you all.

We love the Support given and we know even without Vodafone, together we can through Christ who strengthens us.

Please Our dear Brother’s and sisters in Christ know that it’s not by Might nor power… The Word I shall leave with you all is

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NASB): Trust in the Lord with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.

RichieDeSmart: I just wanna encourage the youth to think more about their spiritual growth because it’s as important as the physical lives.

Philanzy: Let’s keep seeking the Kingdom first please… He made us believe there’s nothing too hard for him… Let’s keep clinging on him only.. and everything is gonna be alright

Achiba: Any blessings for GP One on One?

TimmerOne: May you go beyond bothers and boarders.
Grace of God be your strength
You shall bring forth your fruits in your season.

Achiba: A big amen.

Yh TRaP Maestros, I’m your biggest fan and I’m going to do all I can do to support you. I will blog you guys, spread you and pray for you guys.

Thank very much for honouring this interview. God bless you all.

I usher you guys into another realm of glory. Your feet will step on gold only. Men will come to your rising and your light will never go dim in Jesus name. Amen.

TRaP: Amen and amen.

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I’m Achiba Gascony, your fascinating host, I see you doing something for the kingdom of God, I catch for an exploration. Follow me on Facebook.

Thank to all of you who participated and followed the interview. God bless you very much. I hope you were inspired and motivated?

Thank you once again.

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Closing Prayer.

Abba Father, you’re great and you’re greatly to be praised. Thank you for blessing us with your Word and with The TRaP Maestros. We’ve been refreshed, inspired and motivated to do more for the kingdom. Thank you again in Jesus name. Amen

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Now who’s our next guest speaker?

GP One on One Chat with Kofi Ayeyi.

It was awesome and memorable time with Kofi Ayeyi on the 23rd of May, 2021.

Kofi Ayeyi is an award winning Urban Gospel Artist who’s based in Tokoradi, a signee of Meggis Records. He has many popular songs such as MATCHLESS etc.

GP One on One Chat with Kofi Ayeyi.

Join me, Achiba Gascony, let’s discover his wonderful world. Let’s get into the interview.

The Interview.

Achiba: An Urban Gospel Artist. A child of God. A member of Team Swag. A lover of the Youth.

Please help me welcome Kofi Ayeyi!!!

Ayeyi: Thank you sir for having me
I’m looking to having a great time with you tonight.

Achiba: Gimme Vibes.
I’m really humbled sir. Thank you for honouring this interview.

Do you have anything to say to the audience and your fans before we do something?

Ayeyi: I would love to thank them for the love, support and prayers they’ve been sending my way.
Honestly it’s been massive and I always thank God for them.

I call them Family.

Achiba: Wow! You see, we need to help each other and your family are doing great. Big ups to them.

So how was Church today?

Ayeyi: Church was great Sir.
It was a spirit filled one.

Achiba: Glory to God. Sir please, take us to the throne of grace. Pray for us let’s begin.

Ayeyi: Sure.

We’re most grateful our Heavenly Father for a night to be gathered in your presence. May you take charge, may there be inspiration and motivation. Have your way oh God and at the end, we’ll give you glory in Jesus’name. Amen!

Achiba: Amen and amen!
Tonight you’re really on fire and I can see you’re spirit filled. I hope you visited the secret place?

Ayeyi: Most definitely.

Achiba: Chaii! I can feel it sir.

Sir, I’ve been with you for the past weeks and I can testify that you’re really friendly and especially a humble person. What has made you so?

Ayeyi: With the humility, I think it’s all goes down to the fact that I know we are all children of God and besides Christ is the ultimate goal so we ought to be down to earth.

After all 6feet. [smiled]

Achiba: So if I put what you just said in my mind, I will automatically become humble right?

Ayeyi: Yeah knowing that we are all serving Christ and when you put Christ at the center of all that you do.

Achiba: Audience, it takes humility to serve Christ and His people. Thank you sir. You’re really blessings me this night.

So sir, let’s talk about Kofi Ayeyi. Who’s he?

Ayeyi: Kofi Ayeyi is the last born of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and I have 7 other siblings. Also known as Daniel Bruce.
A Christian, a music lover, a football fan and a teacher. Actually my name is kinda long. I’m Daniel Nana Banyin Kofi Abam Ayeyi Badu Kaakyire Bruce.

Daniel Bruce in a shot.

Achiba: Really? Oh wow! Glory to God. Your name is a sentence oo[Laughed].

Liverpool fan, what made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

Ayeyi: Actually it was my love for music and ministry. I saw the entertainment industry to be a way of spreading the gospel.

Achiba: And you chose Urban Gospel. Why?

Ayeyi: I think there’s no particular tune or beat when it comes to Gospel music and when it comes to music, it should be in a way that everyone can relate to. And again way back in sch, I use to be a rapper so when I became born again, I thought it wise to use that talent to help win souls for Christ.

Achiba: Wooo! So how can you explain the Urban Gospel?

Ayeyi: I see Urban Gospel to be a subgenre of gospel music where the gospel is preached through the urban forms of music( like rap music, high life, Afro beats etc)

Achiba: Wow! Now I know.

We need more youths in this industry. Would you help if someone wants to be an urban Gospel Artist?

Ayeyi: Most definitely!

Achiba: Family, see him if you’re interested in the industry.

So sir how have you developed your career?

Ayeyi: Through prayer, constant reading of the word of God, giving heed to advices and studying more from role models and mentors.

Achiba: Wow! That’s deep.

So why Jesus? Why did you choose Christianity?

Ayeyi: Nice question. Would say first Christianity because that was the religion I was born into but then growing up, I discovered the never ending love from our Lord Jesus Christ. From the scriptures I got to know that God loved us unconditionally in that while we were yet sinners, he sent his son to die for us. So will say I chose Jesus because I encountered him personally and since then my life hasn’t been the same.

Achiba: Aww! I pray this will be all the story of the youths.

So when you didn’t encounter Christ personally, how was life?

Ayeyi: Life was okay to be honest because during those times, I was going to Church. My dad was a church elder and you have no other choice than to go to church so life was just okay. Yeah but there is this contentment and joy in Christ that cannot be explained.

Kofi Ayeyi in Action.

Achiba: Awesome!

So sir, how do you seek opportunities?

Ayeyi: Honestly most of the opportunities I’ve gotten so far came looking for me. I’m one person that loves to pray a lot and I think God’s grace is what keeps me going. But you can’t just pray and stay in the house, you also need to position yourself well.

Achiba: Wow! Then I will start praying.

So sir, what is the best advice you’ve been given?

Ayeyi: That was when my pastor told me to do what I’m called to do, be unique and also be courageous.

Achiba: Very deep sir. I love this one.

Let’s talk about your music career. So what was your first song?

Ayeyi: My first song was “3y3 Adom”. I love this song.

Do you know I can’t stop listening to your songs. Your freestyles are also sweet in the ears.

Ayeyi: Really? We thank God for that. I’m glad you love them.

Achiba: My favourite is MATCHLESS LOVE.
Let’s talk of Matchless Love.


What was the inspiration behind the song?

Ayeyi: Rom.5.8 – “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” It was all about God’s love. Actually it all started from a Christian sister. I was on my way to church one night and I was talking to that sister on phone and she was like, “Kofi why don’t you do a song that will talk to people about the love of God?” Looking at how I became born again, I prayed into it so I already had the beat on my phone so was walking around whiles listening to the beat and the chorus just dropped. So I decided to bring a fellow choir member on board that’s Tyna Arhin.

Kofi Ayeyi performs with Tyna Arhin.

Achiba: Wow! It’s about love. Family, this song should be on your phone. It’s a banger.

So I sing the chorus and you give us the rap.

You should’ve been on the platform to hear my voice, it was angelic and sweet. Kofi Ayeyi also silenced everywhere with his rap. Oh God, it was amazing.

Sir, you’re doing great in the industry.
So where would you be in three years? Any project coming?

Ayeyi: Yea sure great projects coming through very soon.

In the next three years, the ultimate goal is to draw many onto Christ and then release greater tune and then become and main stay in the music industry and the body of Christ as a whole.

Achiba: It’s done in Jesus name. Amen

So sir, are you wholly into the industry or you’re now planning to be wholly?

Ayeyi: Yeah definitely going forward, we will looking into that but until then, we work to finance what we do. Once an investor comes on board or we get the numbers, we will go into that.

Achiba: Sure and it’s happening soon.

So who are your biggest influence?

Ayeyi: My self, my family (Team SWAG) and my pastor.

Achiba: Wow! But there’s a special woman in your life, I know she has something in you and she really support you. Tell me about her.

Ayeyi: Her support, advice and prayers has been massive.
To be honest mummy has been doing the most too.

Kofi Ayeyi with the mother in Church.

Achiba: That’s what I’m talking about. I’m really in love with your mother.

Last question
What is the biggest risk that you’ve taken?

Ayeyi: My biggest risk was when I had to stand against the decision of my management to do secular music even though they threatened to kick me off the label.

Achiba: You did this for Jesus? Wow! God richly bless you.

So which record label are you now working with?

Ayeyi: I would say now Team SWAG has got my back even though Meggis has been helping with the recordings.

Team SWAG in a shot.

Achiba: Okay.

Any questions from the audience?

Questions from the Audience.

Mr. Ice Man: Kofi Ayeyi, I want to ask how do you mix relationship with the music?

Ayeyi: Oh it’s quite simple
You just need to surround yourself with people that understand what you do.

Rebound: Ayeyi I know there are lot of girls who come after you because of what you do. How do you cope with it?

Ayeyi: I think you need to know how to cope with them all. Just don’t give them that much room.

Okay. Thank you all very much, my lovely audience.

Achiba: @⁨Kofi Ayeyi⁩ please, any last word for the youths?

Ayeyi: I would say that they should keep their heart to whatever they are doing and never take Christ out of all that they do because we are born successful and there nothing that can stand against that.

Achiba: Thank you sir. You’re such an inspiration.

Any blessings for GP One on One Chat?

Ayeyi: Would say the beginning might be humbled but it cannot be compared to what God has in store for us all so bro keep doing what you’re doing for the Lord because the end is glorious.

Achiba: Amen and amen. I’m blessed for having you here and I hope we’re all blessed. Our live will never be the same. Thank you very much.

Your so humble sir.

Ayeyi: Thank you sir.

So it’s GP One on One Chat with Kofi Ayeyi.

Follow Kofi Ayeyi on his social media platforms: Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

I’m Achiba Gascony, your fascinating host, I see you doing something for the kingdom of God, I catch for an exploration. Follow me on Facebook.

Thank to all of you who participated and followed the interview. God bless you very much. I hope you were inspired and motivated?

Thank you once again.

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Closing Prayer.

Closing prayer

Father we thank you for such an awesome interview. Thank you for blessing us this night and we know our lives will never be the same. Amen

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Now who’s my next Guest Speaker?

GP One on One Chat with Kelly Kells.

On the 16th of May, 2021, it was an awesome the with Kelly Kells.

Kelly Kells is a versatile Gospel Artiste that can sing and give Praise to her Maker, she can switch from English, Twi and Ewe just to give melodies to the beat. Her type of music she does is not common in the Ghana Gospel music Industry, she sometimes rap in a stylish way.

Guess what, she is the first female guest speaker on GP One on One Chat. Glory!

Join me, Achiba Gascony, let’s discover her world. Let’s go into the interview.

GP One on One Chat with Kelly Kells.

The Interview.

Achiba: I’m so honoured you are here. I know today our lives will never be the same.

Kelly: Hopefully.
With God on our side.

Achiba: Aww I love your demeanor.
You’re so humble!

Tell me something. Why are you so humble?

Kelly: Thank you sir. Good evening to everyone and thanks for the opportunity. Well I’m always humble because I don’t want to miss the Kingdom.

Achiba: Woo! Humility is a beautiful thing. Without it, forget heaven.

Kelly: 100% dear. Without humility, forget Heaven.

Achiba: Aww you’re the only person who calls me dear. Awww I’m blessed tonight. There rest call me bear.[laughed]

Kelly: [Laughed] Are you sure?

Achiba: [laughed] Nevermind.

So, how are you?

Kelly: I’m fine by the grace of God. What about you?

Achiba: Oh I’m excellent and full of Glory.
Thank you very much for asking.

How was church today? Did you minister?

Kelly: It was great and massive. I didn’t minister today. Not everyday I get the chance to minister.

Achiba: Don’t worry, you’ll minister tonight. [Smiled]

Kelly: Alright dear. I’m ready.

Achiba: Now let’s do something. I was just building rapport with the finest and latest singer in town. [Smiled]

But before that, can you pray so we can begin?

Kelly: Okay dear.

Our heavenly Father, we thank you, we give all the praise. Father, this evening we call upon your name. Come and be with us. Anything we’re coming to do on this platform, may your grace and favour locate everybody on this platform. We’re doing this in your name and as we learn your Word, come fill us in Jesus’name. Amen! [Voice note]

Achiba: Amen and amen! The voice in this prayer is fire.

Who’s Kelly Kells??? Tell us something.

Kelly: Alright thanks once again.
Kelly Kells is an urban gospel artiste. Who lives in Greater Accra of Ghana. A student of EMPAC. I was born in Keta in the Volta region and grew up in Greater Accra. The second born of course. I completed Weta Senior High Technical School. My full name is Kugbey Benedicta Kekeli.

Kugbey Benedicta Kekeli

Achiba: Wow!

Kugbey Benedicta Kekeli, then where from Kelly Kells?

Kelly: Alright. I got Kelly from SHS that’s to the people who couldn’t call the Kekeli. And later got the Kells from a spiritual Mum.
So when I started the music fully I decided to use both .
Kelly Kells.

Achiba: Wow! That’s cool.
As for my own… [Laughed]

So when and how did you encounter Christ?

Kelly: Okay. My parents are Christians, so I was trained up as a Christian to love and fear God and through that I took God personal.

Achiba: Then you’re really blessed.[smiled]

So how is life with Christ? Any testimonies to share?

Kelly: Living and serving Christ is a great thing to do. I think it’s a great opportunity he has given to me to serve him. He has delivered me from so many traps of death during my school time and he is doing greater and mighty things. Things I never even expect are what he keeps doing. And I’m so grateful for that.
I always say thank you to Him for that.

Achiba: Aww! Glory to God.

So you don’t suffer like what others have been complaining about? They say Christianity is a hard thing. What do you say?

Kelly: If you serve him well you won’t suffer and it also depends on how well you are connected to him.
We go through a lot in life but I feel he keeps testing our faith. As a Christian yoi need to have a strong faith in him.

Achiba: Insight.

Kelly, you’ve been able to break into the Urban Gospel industry. How was it as a female?

Kelly: It hasn’t been easy on my side. But one thing I always say and thank God for is I have never be harassed by anyone. You know, the way you carry yourself tells people a lot about you. Well people will be like, Kelly with your voice why won’t you do dancehall and get the fame faster than the gospel because they feel the urban gospel is not selling in Ghana here. But one thing I keep saying is that I was called in the church and not outside and I don’t do my will but God’s will. And this has really pushed me to where I am and where he is about to take me too.

Achiba: Wow!

You’ve got some revelation.

So how do you carry yourself??? I want to carry myself too.

Kelly: Carry yourself with some value, where no one can take advantage of you. This advice is for everyone depending on your situation.

Achiba: Thank you Kelly. You’re really equipped with knowledge.

What made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

Kelly: I’m not pursuing but doing my work as a great believer.
Drawing people to God. My greatest desire is to reach out to everyone. Teaching the word of God to the hopeless through entertainment. And with the type of music I’m doing, I know I will reach out to many youth who can believe and have faith in God.

Achiba: Wow!

Is the music a career or something you just love to do?

Kelly: Music is something I love to do with passion.

Achiba: So you do it when money doesn’t come?

Kelly: Yes please because I’m not searching for money but souls that don’t know anything about God. I don’t really focus on the money. My teacher always tell me it will come at the right time.

Achiba: You have that passion for souls. What have you seen? Why that passion?

Kelly: I always feel the word hasn’t reached most people. And more people are perishing. Now everything has become hard in the system. But people with faith are living and not suffering.

Achiba: Glory!

So what’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Kelly: Thanks dear.
Best advice is to fish soul for Christ and not follow money. I will expire soon if I don’t do that.

Kelly Kells performing.

Achiba: Do you have any negative influence?

Kelly: Yes sure. Some few friends do have negative influence that brings me down sometimes.

Achiba: Friends indeed. What of positive influence?

Kelly: Ok dear. My parents, my spiritual mum, my teacher, Ohemaa Mercy, Joyce Blessings and some few friends do influence and motivate me.

Achiba: I hope one day I will be part of the list. God bless each one of them.

Let’s talk about your new single, “Favour”. Tell me about the song.


Kelly: Alright dear. Thanks for the opportunity once again. And I want to use this opportunity to thank my producer Brixx Beats.
Alright so we had 5 days fasting and prayers. And because of the distance we decided to meet at the studio on the last day of the fasting.
So I never planned of recording that day.
We went to pray but through the prayers, a lot of prophecies came. And favor was also part. So quickly after the prayers we need to record what came out from the prophecy.

Achiba: I don’t know about my audience but I really love this song.

Did you write it yourself?

Kelly: Yes please I write my songs myself.

Achiba: Can you give us a freestyle?

Kelly: Sure.

To our surprise, Kelly Kells gave us a freestyle with her angelic voice. You should have been on the platform.

Achiba: You have a nice voice. Big hugs! I will come so you teach me Ewe.

So any upcoming projects?

Kelly: Sure dear. I’m working on some few projects in Volta Region.
I’m cooking something at the studio.

Achiba: Cooking something sweet.

Kelly Kells’ Spiritual Mother, Mrs. Habels.

Do you sing in the shower? Which songs?

Kelly: Mostly. My habit. Any song that falls on the spirit I sings it out especially worship songs.

Achiba: Wow…
Then you really bath with angels.
No privacy. [Laughed]

Kelly: Lol. I tell you. I really love singing worship songs when taking my bath. I always feel refreshed.

Achiba: Wow…
I will try some tomorrow.

Last question

There are few female urban Gospel artist in the industry, do you think there is any problem?

Kelly: I don’t see any problem.

Achiba: Alright!

Any questions from the audience?

Questions From The Audience.

Lanzy: Kelly please who would you like to feature in the industry especially from Urban Gospel?

Kelly: Thanks dear for the question.
I would like to feature Ohema Mercy when I’m able to get the opportunity.

Thanks for your questions, audience!

Achiba: Kelly Kells, any last word for the youth?

Kelly: I want to tell the youths that they should keep having faith in God because he is the giver of everything.
They should serve and serve well with their heart and God will take care of the rest.

Achiba: Any blessings for GP One on One Chat?

Kelly: May the God Almighty who I serve and I’ve never put me into shame lift you up from one level to the other. May the grace and favor of God be upon everyone here.
GP one on one chat shall go international. In Jesus name u shall never lack the connection to reach out to artists in Jesus name. Amen!

Achiba: A big amen! Kelly Kells, I’m very honoured and humble for having you. God bless you. God enlarge your coast in Jesus’name. Amen.

Kelly: Amen! Thanks dear for the opportunity to be on ur platform.

Achiba: You’re welcome.

So it GP One on One Chat with Kelly Kells.

Follow Kelly kells on Instagram and Facebook.

I’m very elevated, motivated and educated. Thank you Ma.

I’m Achiba Gascony, your fascinating host, I see you doing something for the kingdom of God, I catch for an exploration. Follow me on Facebook.

Thank to all of you who participated and followed the interview. God bless you very much. I hope you were inspired and motivated?

Thank you once again.

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Closing Prayer.

Father we thank you for such an awesome interview. Thank you for blessing us this night and we know our lives will never be the same in Jesus’name. Amen.

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Now who’s my next Guest Speaker?

GP One on One Chat with Yung Flipe (The Gospel Giant).

On the 9th of May, 2021, we had an awesome guest speaker on the platform. He’s Yung Flipe (The Gospel Giant). He’s a gospel musician, an upbeat who’s passionate as a youth for the kingdom of God. He has released a number of songs with stars like Stay Jay and so on.

Join me, Achiba Gascony, to discover the world of the youth. Let’s move to the interview.

GP One on One Chat with Yung Flipe

The Interview.

Achiba: Sir, please you’re welcome here. We’re very blessed to have you here. Thank you for honouring this invite.

Flipe: I’m humbled boss.

Achiba: A very humble soul. Let’s do something.

Sir, would you pray for us to begin? Soak us in the spirit.

Flipe: Alright.

Heavenly Father, we thank you, praise you and give you the adoration. We commit today’s program into your hands. Let’s your angels take your control that whatever we’re coming to talk about here, we pray that may it explore. Take absolutely control that when we end, glory and honour will be given to yo in Jesus’name. Amen!

Achiba: Amen! Powerful prayer there. Oh glory!

So sir, how are you?

Flipe: I’m fine by His grace and mercy.

Achiba: We thank the living God. God is good!

Sir, today is Mother’s Day. Hope you’re enjoying? How is the day?

Flipe: Its was awesome and blessed. In fact I really having fun with my sweet lovely mummy.

Achiba: Oh wow… Fun indeed. Did you surprise mommy?

Flipe: Sure. I did. I suprise her with mobile phone.

Achiba: Oh that’s really a surprise.
God bless you sir. Some of us just wished them without giving them anything. [Laughed]. Next time will be a different thing.

Flipe: Oh it’s also a good . It’s a great opportunity.

Achiba: Thank you sir.

So sir, who’s Yung Flipe? Let’s know you.

Quashigah Augustine

Flipe: Alright thank you so much boss. I wanna thank everyone here tonight. First of all Yung Flipe is a young energetic guy who was born and bred in Keta, Anlo in the Volta Region but currently in Accra. I’m the only boy for my parents. And my real name is Quashigah Augustine. A past student of Mawuli Secondary Senior High School. I completed Express Media College last year. I hold Diploma in Journalism and radio presentation. I really loves God’s work, especially winning souls for CHRIST.

Achiba: That be the ish. Nice one sir. Now I know your real name [laughed].

Flipe: By the way, Achiba Gascony, what’s your real name?

Achiba: Let me tell you later. I’m begging. [Laughed]

Flipe: I’ve to know it here in fact my fans really wanna know. Which tribe are u as well? Just do it in second. That’s all!

Achiba: Easy! My real name is….

So where from Yung Flipe? Why did you choose that name?

Flipe: Alright .
The name “YUNG FLIPE” was given to me at S. H. S. I was once a dancer who dances and flip, does bone crash, there my pals decided to give me the name Yung Flipe, and for the Yung, hope u know?[laughed] Forever young but I branded mine without ” O” to call it Yung Flipe.

Achiba: Yung Flipe, adey feel your energy ruff [Pidgin].

Oh okay. Dancer? Flip?
And now musician. What happened?

Flipe: Lol. Yes Dancer. I do flip. Actually music is also part of me. It’s my talent as well.

Achiba: So now have you shunned the dance?

Flipe: Lol. Not really I still dance a little to combine with my music career.

Achiba: Than I will let you dance some worship song for me. [Laughed]

Tell us something. How was life without Christ?

Flipe: In fact honestly. It was a hell for me. I messed up massively till I found my lord JESUS CHRIST. Way back I was worldly person, jumping to club house to club house and jumping on ladies as well. Joining peer groups, gangsters, bad influence and selling weed at ghettoes. At times I will go and buy cigarettes and alchohol for them. In fact, I give all the praise to the lord JESUS CHRIST for saving my life. And today I’ve become an ardent Christian, winning souls for God through my music. I’m so much elated that today I can stand somewhere and boast that I am a born again.

The Gospel Giant

Achiba: We thank God sir. Hey Youth, out there is not safe. It’s wicked. Run to Christ.

So sir, why did pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

Flipe: Purposely to help win souls into God’s Kingdom and to motivate and to inspire my fellow youths out there who want the same opportunity to get closer to God like how I do.

Achiba: So how many souls have you won so far? [Smiled] Lemme know the fruits of your hard work so far.

Flipe: [laughed] Eeei Achiba, tonight you dey my top paa oo. [Pidgin]

Okay. Honestly I can’t count it because every program I attend, I make sure I got souls to join the movement. I remember vividly during my video shoot I won 3 souls in December last year 2020 excluding the ones I’ve won at programs. Roughly And proudly 50 souls. And they are doing well. At times, I check on them and motivate them.

Achiba: Really? Bravo! There’s party in heaven. [Laughed]

So how did you become born again?

Flipe: Ummm. All thanks to my spiritual father, Rev. NOAMESI AND PS. MASCILLINO, PS. FELIX KORANKYE etc. It’s was tuff for me but God delieverd me from it. In fact it’s not by my strength but it’s God Almighty intervention.

Pastor Felix Korankye
Pastor Mascillino and the wife.

Achiba: What did they do? I want know so I can win the wee guys [laughed]

Yung: Okay. You need to talk to them ,inspire and care for them. Love them ,provide them food or anything that they need to stop going out there.

Achiba: That’s expensive! You know that? Give me affordable strategies.

Flipe: [laughed] Okay, the most important thing here is God Almighty. Just care for them. Get more closer to them and motivate them with the word of God.

Achiba: Thank you sir.

Sir, do you love reading?

Flipe: Oh yeah sure. I’m still learning and reading my bible anytime I’m free and about to pray. Even when I’m about to write music. Sometimes I do visit the library to read story books.

Achiba: I trust you sir.

Sir, who are your biggest influence?

Flipe: Okay, first of all is God Almighty. In the music industry, are E.L , Joe Mettle and Kofi Kinata.
And with Pastors. Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, the founder of Royal House Chapel International, Pastor Mascillino, Pastor Felix Korankye and Rev. Otabil.

Achiba: Wow! That’s awesome.

So sir, let’s break some minds here.

Is it right for a gospel musician to take a secular musician as a role model? Why?

Flipe: Oh yeah! Because in the Bible, God Created us all in his own image so we shouldn’t be discriminating all around . We are all one. Oh it’s not bad for a Gospel minister to take a secular musician as a role model please .
I think its not a bad idea. As true sons and daughters of God Almighty, we shouldn’t be discriminative.

Achiba: Wooo! You have a point. We should love them but not to condemn them. Wow. Thank you for the insight🙏🏼

Can I take Shatta Wale as a role model?

Flipe: Oh yes! But the good side of him not the bad side of him because some of the youths here in Ghana really die for him as their God father and role model .

Achiba: So sir, what the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Flipe: Show love to each other around you, respect them and be peaceful. Live in harmony with people and be truthful.

Achiba: Into my pocket. Now let’s talk about your music career.

How many of your songs are out now? And what’s your hit so far?

Flipe: 20 songs and still counting. No More Poison and Divine Favour are my hits so far.


Achiba: That’s huge! You worked with Stay Jay and Godwin Dash on No More Poison song, how was it?


Flipe: Itwas a bit tuff and hard but with God on my side everything went on well but in terms of finances, you know in Ghana now everything is protocol.

Achiba: Last question.

How do you seek opportunities?

Flipe: Hmm this one. It’s God alone. He’s the helper and provider.

Achiba: Sure.

Any questions from the audience?

Questions from the Audience.

Miss Milly: With sincerity, Gospel music industry and secular music industry, Which one really pays?

Flipe: In fact Gospel music do, but our leaders are not having the vision and the agenda that’s we are serving “JESUS CHRIST ” so the secular is now making money more than gospel music. Why? Because they’re united and they help each other.

Bro King: Should a Gospel Musician be paid when invited for a show as does to a secular Musician?

Flipe: Yes and it depends on the program. Programs like wedding or birthday party, we need to be paid. That’s the little we get to push the work going.

Paa Kwesi: @⁨Yung Flipe⁩, what was your motive behind the move for featuring Stay Jay?

Flipe: My motive was to let him know God more and become a born again . In short, to win him to become a minister and a soul winner for God Almighty.

Paa Kwesi: @⁨Yung Flipe⁩, do you charge for collaboration when colleagues call on you?

Flipe: Not really but my transportation fee and also it depends on the person who wants to collaborate with me please.

Sammy: So what motivated you to become a gospel musician?

Flipe: The word of God and the great things God has done in my life.

I want to thank you for your participation. God richly bless you all.

Achiba: Any blessings for GP One on One Chat?

Flipe: Chaley God bless you. Gp one on one . You do all. I pray the lord take this program to the world.

I want to use this opportunity to thanks God Almighty for this opportunity and also to my loyal lovely fans, especially Achiba Gascony, God richly bless you. Words cant express my gratitude for you.
And to my beautiful women who participated in the interview.

Achiba: You’re welcome sir. Amen to your prayers.

Sir, I’m very elevated, motivated and educated. Thank you sir. God will continue to bless you.

I’m Achiba Gascony (the Gospel Enter Per), your host. I see you doing something as a youth for the kingdom of God, I catch you for an exploration.

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Thank to all of you who participated and followed the interview. God bless you very much. I hope you were inspired and motivated?
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Remember, the Youth is You.

Closing Prayer.

Father we thank you for such an awesome interview. Thank you for blessing us this night and we know our lives will never be the same in Jesus’name. Amen.

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Now who’s my next Guest Speaker?

GP One on One with ChrisPraise.

On the 2nd of May, 2021 was a history. I had an awesome guest speaker. He’s so captivating and determined. His work for the kingdom of God is so amazing. He’s one of a kind. He’s CHRisPraise, a Nigerian gospel rapper with an amazing rap skills. If God is a rapper then He’s CHRisPrais.

Join me, Achiba Gascony, to go into the business of CHRisPrais and discover his wonderful world. Remember, the Youth is You. Let’s get into the interview.

GP One on One Chat with CHRisPraise.

The Interview.

Achiba: CHRisPraise is on the platform. Sir we’re very honoured to have you.

CHRisPraise: Good to be here. Good evening everyone. And thank you Mr. Achiba for the opportunity.

Achiba: You’re welcome sir.

Please how are you?

CHRisPraise: I’m Super fantastic. How about you?

Achiba: We thank God. Sir, I’m also excellent.

Today we’re going to blessed. We will also be inspired. The Youth are on fire. Sir, let’s begin with prayer.

CHRisPraise: That’s great. Okay, let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, King of Glory. Thank you for your love, your kindness and your faithfulness. Thank you for all that you’re doing in and through us. Thank you for this opportunity to inspire many. Our hearts and minds are open to be taught and inspired of you. Thank you for this platform and vision. Through this many will come to the knowledge of the gospel and many will be inspired to do more. This interview is a success in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Achiba: Amen. Thank you Jesus. Powerful prayer sir.

So sir, how is NIGERIA?

CHRisPraise: Nigeria is cool.

Achiba: Oh we thank God. Ghana is also shaking with the gospel.

CHRisPraise: That’s great!

Achiba: I’ve known CHRisPraise on social media and through his songs.

Who’s actually CHRisPraise?

CHRisPraise: Okay. ChrisPraise is a vibrant Christian rapper, song writer, and leader who believe that the Gospel should be communicated in more than words. That’s the short version though.

Achiba: Awesome.

So what’s your background?

CHRisPraise: Thought as much. Okay so lemme properly introduce myself.
I have a pretty long name tho…
My name is Christopher Itoro Linus(Itoro means Praise in my dialect). I’m from Akwa-ibom state, I like to add Lagos breed tho. I’m 27. I’m Single. I graduated from The Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron.
What else……

Achiba: I’m okay with this sir. You have a very nice name.

Christopher Itoro Linus

So how and why did you choose Christianity? Tell us the encounter.

CHRisPraise: Erm okay. I was born into a Christian family so I grew up knowing Jesus and going to church but it was just a normal religious thing. I thank God for wisdom and knowledge. I got to know that Christianity is not a religion. I’ve always heard about Jesus Christ but I heard about him in a different light. Actually, what got hold of me is the whole lot of remarkable testimonies at this new place (Christ Embassy) where I worship. I was like, “Are you shidding me?” I want to have what this people have. I want to be in charge like these people.

Technically, I didn’t rush into giving my life to Christ. I took my time but I made up my mind to make it happen. I gave my heart to Christ. I remember taken it back at one time. [he laughed]. I think Christianity chose me. God chose me.

Achiba: Different light? Wow.

CHRisPraise: It was a different light because you know I was born in a Christian family where I go to church every Sunday. I had a lot of questions I wasn’t getting answers so it was just a religious thing and it was very boring. I was just a young inquisitive creative person, asking a lot of questions. I remember meeting my cousin on her to way to church. She was looking good and all that. She was actually going to Christ Embassy and I was like, “You sure say na church you dey go so?”[Pidjin][He laughed]. That was how I followed her to church, this was in 2009. Hearing the Gospel in a different light and seeing the people happy, people connected. I was like, I can connect to this. This is cool, fun and nice. I heard that, “A Christian shouldn’t be sick”. I used to be sick every year. I was like, “Are you shidding me?”

So I started learning new stuffs and all that. It was the testimonies for me. I gave my heart and I wanted to put the Word to work. I wanted to get results and my own testimonies. It was worth it, the best decision I’ve ever made.

Achiba: Awesome! That’s a wonderful insight.

Sir, many youth think Christianity is boring. What do you say to them?

CHRisPraise: Christianity is not boring. Actually, I won’t blame the youths who are thinking Christianity is boring. Why? It’s probably because of the way they were brought up, what’s they’ve grown to see the elderly ones do and they think that’s Christianity. That’s not. First, Christianity was coiled out of the word being Christ-Like. So the question is, “How is Christ?” Christ is not boring. He’s exciting. He had fun and did many miracles. Jesus enjoyed himself, won souls and did a lot of beautiful things. It’s not boring! If you’re a young person out there and you think that Christianity is boring, you should ask questions, get to know who Jesus Christ is. Maybe you have to change some things because many times people’s perceptions can be influenced by their environment and upbringing.

So you must need to change your environment, and ask questions and connect with people who’ve gotten this revelation. Connect to other young people who are on fire for for God. Do you really understand what it takes to be a Christian? God is living inside of you! You have the ability to perform miracles and do great things. That’s not a boring life. I can’t be boring. Everyday is exciting.

Achiba: Hey youth, ask questions! Christianity is not boring. Thank you sir. It’s very inspiring.

So sir, what made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

CHRisPraise ministering.

CHRisPraise: [He laughed] Okay. Actually, I started of as a dancer and a friend of mine switched into rap. He told me to listen to him whiles he was rapping and he did well. I was like,“If this guy can rap then I can rap too.”[he laughed]. That’s when I wrote my first rap and worked on it. Now being in church, I was given the opportunity to showcase that thing I could do, the rap. With time I got to understand that music is not just for entertainment, it’s a tool in God’s hand to reach the world. So I decided to take it seriously because questions can be answered through music and people can be inspired and influenced through music. The devil understands this, that’s why there are a whole lot of trash secular music out there and the devil is the on promoting the crazy messages in those songs.

The children of God must also understand that music is a tool. One day, I’m going to stand in front of God, just like the Parable of the talents, He’s going to ask me, “What did you do with it? So I’m going to give account of all the things He has inspired in my heart and the talents He’s given me. God is a serious business person and He expect returns. If God takes me serious, then I should take Him serious. That’s that.

Achiba: Wow! That’s amazing.

So sir, what’s the best advice you’ve been given?

CHRisPraise: I think I’ve had the blessing of having people advice me on different topics. One of the advice is this, “Keep writing.” I think TB1 gave me that advice. Yes because one day, you’re going to need the songs and the inspirations. Keep writing!

CHRisPraise with TB1 and friends.

Achiba: Wow! This is simple but mind blowing. I love it sir.

So sir, who are you biggest influence?

CHRisPraise: Apart from the Holy Spirit, because my relationship with Him influences me a whole lot, my biggest influence is Pastor Chris Oyakyilome. Thank you Pastor sir for inspiring me.

Achiba: We love you Pastor Chris!

Do you sing whiles eating? Which songs?

CHRisPraise: Sing while eating? Mehn I focus on my food!

Achiba: That’s cool.

So how many of your songs are out there?

CHRisPraise: For now it’s just one. I feel like I don’t want to be like every other person just releasing songs but I’m working on my album, something big is coming up from my management. Other songs will be released at the end of the year. For now, only one single is out.

Achiba: I’m in anticipation. Now let’s talk about your single, “I’m blessed.”

What’s the inspiration behind the song?

CHRisPraise: Basically, “I’m blessed” is a very simple song. As children of God, we’re blessed and I wanted to do a song that would make Christian become conscious of the fact that they’re blessed. You can be blessed and if you’re not conscious about it, you’ll still see yourself as s disadvantaged person. When you listen to the song, you’ll notice that you’ll probably start saying that, “I’m blessed.” So it’s a confession, a declaration and an affirmation. That’s the inspiration behind the song.

CHRisPraise – I’m Blessed.


Achiba: Give us the first verse. Freestyle.

CHRisPraise gave us a freestyle on his “I’m blessed” single. It was worth hearing.

Achiba: Fresh Jesus boy I take a selfie.
My favourite line.

Last question sir.

If it wasn’t for the music career, what would you be doing?

CHRisPraise: [He laughed] I would probably be a Navigator, I was trained in school for that. I would have been sailing around the world or maybe I would’ve been in the Tech field. I love computers, internet and stuff like that.

Achiba: Wow. That’s great.

So you’ve sacrificed that for Jesus? How much do you love Jesus?

CHRisPraise: In more than words.

Achiba: Wow.
Jesus is really proud of you.

Questions from the Audience.

Hey family, do you have any questions for CHRisPraise?

Grace: As a model to Christain and people who love good music, what’s the one trait you’d love for them to emulate?

CHRisPraise: Thanks for the question. They should emulate the trait of love. Not just in words but more than words. And guess what, love is a person and his name is Jesus Christ so emulate love.

Grace: As an artiste, you may have faced challenges.

What advice would u give to youngster who want to do what you do and faces challenges?

CHRisPraise: Believe in yourself and understand that your future does not look like your past. Start with what you can do. I remember I ministered in church at a special program using my voice over an instrumental. When I was done, a lady walked up to me and asked me for an album. I didn’t even have enough cash to record one song but she asked for an album. Why? Because I was prepared. I’ve done my homework. Do your homework! I remember her blessing me with a gift. So start from where you are with what you have and keep moving forward.

Last question from the audience.

Grace: Where do u see yourself in 3years if Jesus tarries?

CHRisPraise: CHRisPraise touring the world. Impacted millions of lives glabally with 3 Albums out.

Achiba: This has come to pass in Jesus name.

Wow! Wow! @⁨Sister Grace⁩ Thank you very much for your participation. You’re a gem. God bless you.

@⁨Chris Praise⁩, any last words for the Youths?

CHRisPraise: I want you to remember that you didn’t create yourself. God made you. He made you for a purpose, you didn’t come by an accident. God loves you. He has a plan for you and it’s in this time. Be the light, the voice and be God’s outstretched arms to your world. One day, you’re going to face him and give an account, so do the best you can do right now. Don’t give up. There are more land to conquer. Your dreams are valid and you can do so much. Bear fruits. Let those around you feel the heart and love God more than words. God bless you.

Achiba: Thank you sir.

Any blessings for GP One on One Chat?

CHRisPraise: This is an amazing vision and a platform. I like the idea and concept. I pray that the wind of God will spread it around the world. People will hear of you. More sponsors are coming for the Gospel’s sake. Ideas, strategies and insight to take this to the next level even to the global stage. This platform would host more people with influence and affluence. Royals are coming on this platform. Through this platform, many would come to the light of the Gospel in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Achiba: A big Amen! Thank you sir.

Yes! As we’ve discovered the youth, we support them.

Facebook: CHRisPraise
Instagram: Iamchrispraise

Let’s follow CHRisPraise on social media to support his vision for the gospel sake.

Sir I’m very glad you honoured this program. All those who have been here are really humble people. Thank you for being one of them.

CHRisPraise: Thank you Mr Achiba for having me.
Thanks everyone. Please feel free to connect with me.
God Bless You

Achiba: Sir, your dreams must come to past. It’s a must. Kings and queens will come to your rising. Favour and grace will be in your bowl. This generation and next generations must watch out for you in Jesus name. Amen.

CHRisPraise: Amen and Amen.

Achiba: Today is a history. The first international man to be on GP One on One Chat. Thank you sir.

Closing Prayer.

Father we thank you for such an awesome interview. Thank you for blessing us this night and we know our lives will never be the same in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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GP One on One Chat

I’m Achiba Gascony, your host. I see you doing something as a youth for the kingdom of God, I catch you for an exploration.

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Thank you for reading.
Now who’s my next Guest Speaker?

GP One on One Chat with Qweku Nyarko Glover

On the Sunday, 25th of April 2021, I had an awesome and interesting interview with Qweku Nyarko Glover.

He’s personable and amazing personality. He’s a successful Gospel Blogger who always gives us new trending gospel news on Glover’s Hub (his blog). He’s also a Publicist and Road Manager for gospel artists.

Join me, Achiba Gascony, your favourite host to explore the world of Qweku Nyarko Glover. Let’s get into the interview.

GP One on One Chat with Qweku Nyarko Glover.

The Interview

Achiba: Sir I’m really proud you’re in our midst today. I know today we’re going to be blessed.

Glover: God is faithful. I’m humbled.

Achiba: Humble soul. I appreciate that.

It’s GP One on One Chat with Qweku Nyarko Glover and it’s proudly brought to by TOOLS GH.

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Sir, this picture is dope. Where did you go?

Qweku Nyarko Glover at RTP Awards.

Glover: RTP Awards please.

Achiba: Before we continue, please can you pray for the success of the interview?

Glover: Okay. Let’s pray.

Master Jesus Christ, we thank you once again. Whiles we’re about to start this interview, Father let your will be done. Take centre of this interview so that the end we give glory and honour unto your name. This and many other things that I ask in your Son’s Name. Amen.

Achiba: Amen. Powerful prayer sir.

So what’s the full meaning of RTP?

Glover: Radio And Television Personality Awards. I was there with my artists to perform.

Achiba: Oh okay! Who’s that artist?

Glover: KobbySalm please.

Achiba: Oh nice.

How was yesterday with Empress Gifty?

Glover: Hahaha… Very stressful but it comes with the work.

Achiba: Okay sir, that’s just by the way..

Can you tell us about yourself?

Glover: Sure. My real name is Francis Owiredu but I prefer to be called Qweku Nyarko Glover. The last born of 4 children. Graduate from University Of Ghana. I love the things of God, I’m a Gospel Blogger, Promoter, Publicist And Road Manager.

Achiba: Wow!

Why do you love the things of God? Why God?

Glover: As humans as we are, if you can’t live for God I think you have missed your purpose here on earth. Nothing feels good like living for God and pushing His sgenda here on Earth. We need Him at all cost.

Achiba: Amazing sir…
Family this should make you hold God for all cost.God bless you sir.

You’re a blogger. Can you tell us about your blog?

Glover: Okay. The name of my blog is Glover’s Hub on all the social media platforms. It’s a strictly gospel platform where we push the agenda of God. We do song promotion, publications, artiste management and Publicist.

Achiba: Okay nice.

So what inspired you to start your blog?

Glover: Hahaha… I love this question. Okay, myself way back in school days, I’ve been someone who loved music and entertainment but my direction was towards the secular side. Even though I’m was going to church and I’m a executive in the youth and all that, my direction wasn’t towards the gospel side. It all happened in one day when I went to service and my spiritual father prophesied to me about me going into the gospel blogging. He even prophesied the name I’m currently using, it all came through prophecy. So as someone who understands the things of God and the prophetic ministry, all I had to is to listen to what God is saying about my life and the direction I should go. So that’s why I’m a gospel blogger.

I’ve never regretted being in the gospel space. It has open my eyes. I’ve met so many people and today find myself here. So I can say my blog came through my spiritual father. He gave me a prophecy, a detailed one. Even the people I’m meeting now, so I think it’s the plan of God.

Achiba: Malito Kalito.
This an insight. Prophecy really works.

So sir, describe how you first got into the blogging?

Glover: Okay. I created my pages on all social media platforms. Big ups to Efe Grace. She was one of the few people who gave me endorsement even when my numbers wasn’t encouraging and when I started afresh. One day, I saw her flyer, she was going to Vision One FM for a live worship so I reached out to her and I was like, I’ve seen her outwork and all that but can I join her to the place? She agreed and we went.

Glover with Efe Grace at Vision 1 FM

I don’t know whether you know OB Nartey, he’s the host for the live worship program. He spotted me and he liked my work so he told me I should be coming there more often. So from that day, I’ve been going to Vision one. Big ups to OB Nartey, God richly bless him. He was the one who introduced me to all the big people in the gospel industry. He’s my day one plug apart from God and my spiritual father. OB Nartey has done a great job for me as a gospel blogger and I’m still working under him. He’s being my guide in this industry. Thank you.

Achiba: Wow…So it all about the people you meet.God richly bless them. And sir you’re doing a great job.

So sir, how do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Glover: I think everything is about Priorities, even thou there are days my work is really tight I do well to balance everything I do.

Achiba: Oh nice.

Is there any work you do beside blogging? What work?

Glover: My whole life is blogging for now.

Achiba: And it pays well right?

Glover: It’s depends on how you present yourself and how serious you are with the brand. It’s how you sell yourself, for now the relationship matters to me most even though I’m being paid.

Achiba: Wow!

Would you encourage other people to make their blog?

Glover: Anyday. It’s a good venture. Just know what’s you stand for.

Achiba: Okay sir.

Sir, what was your greatest failure and what did you learn from it?

Glover: Should I say it’s failure, hmmm I think if I had thought outside the box earlier on I would have been bigger than I am today. But it’s all boils down to spirituality. I will encourage everyone to have a spiritual father because if it hadn’t been God through my spiritual father I wouldn’t be here by now. If I have anything to learn, It should be always obeying the voice of God, regardless how tough it is. There are genuine prophets.

Achiba: In other words, your failure was not to start early in your career?

Glover: Exactly but it’s never too late.

Achiba: Yes sir. You’re still Youth.
The Youth is You.

Tell me about your proudest achievement.

Glover: Wow! Within a space of a year I started blogging, the platforms I have been on, people I have met and favors I have had is something I can’t take for granted. The journey just started and I know I will achieve greater than this, I have met almost all the greats in the gospel space both old And young. God has a lot installed, that I believe.

Achiba: Wow! A year? You’re a favour personified.

Sir, people think pursuing such career is a waste of time especially if you’re doing it for Jesus. What do you think?

Glover: Being a follower of Christ or a career of the cross itself isn’t easy. Same thing when it comes to being a gospel blogger, you are restricted in almost everything you do. There are contents a secular blogger can post that a gospel blogger can’t post and that’s makes it one of the most difficult thing for us. Even thou there are negativity and controversies in the gospel space, me personally I don’t believe in selling or building my brand on that even thou some gospel bloggers do that. I believe in positivity and goodnews. People might feel it’s a waste of time but it’s about the vision of the individual.

Achiba: Wow sir. That’s amazing! It’s about the vision.

Sir, who has impacted you most in your career?

Glover: 3 People.

  • Prophet Prince Ohene Bekoe, my spiritual father.
  • OB Nartey
  • KobbySalm
Glover with KobbySalm

Achiba: Do you think of getting married? Or you’re already married?

Glover: Wow. I’m not married but hopefully when the time is right God will make it possible. I believe in His timing. I move when God speaks Or commands me to.

Achiba: What the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Glover: To Be Positive And Conscious In My Dealings. The truth always stands.

Achiba: Sure.

Any advice for the Youth?

Glover: The God factor is the key. And they should believe in times and seasons.

Achiba: Wow. Into my pocket.

Any blessings for GP One on One Chat?

Glover: May God bless and enlarge your coast. You will really go far.

Thanks for the honor given and for having me. It was very insightful conversations.

Achiba: A big Amen!

We also thank you for honouring this interview. God will continue to shine through you. He’s God and what He will do through you is incomprehensible.

We’re grateful sir.

Glover: Amen! Thank you once again.

Achiba: You’re welcome.

Yh it’s GP One on One Chat and we’ve come to the end of the interview. I hope you were blessed.
God bless all who followed the conversation and that the grace upon Qweku Nyarko Glover will be upon you.

You don’t attract grace you don’t give attention to.


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GP One on One Chat

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I’m Achiba Gascony, your host. I see you doing something as a youth for the kingdom of God, I catch you for an exploration. Follow me on Facebook and let’s rock.

Closing Prayer

Father we thank you for such an awesome interview. Thank you for blessing us this night and we know our lives will never be the same in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Now, who’s my next guest speaker?

GP One on One Chat with Dennis Enim.

The interview was to be done on the Sunday, 18th April, 2021 but it couldn’t hold on so it was postponed to, Monday, 19 April, 2021.

I had an awesome guest speaker who’s love for God is so amazing. He’s name is Dennis Enim (D’Praise). He’s a Gospel Musician and a Producer. He’s also a Marketer.

It was an interesting and informative interview. Join me, Achiba Gascony, your hilarious host, to explore the world of Dennis Enim. Let’s get into the interview.

GP One on One Chat with Dennis Enim.

The Interview.

Achiba: Sir we’re glad to have you. It’s a blessing to us. Sir, before we begin the interview, we will like you to give us a prayer.

D’Praise: I’m honoured bro. Let’s pray.

Father, we bless you and magnify your name. We pray that You be with us and give us divine understanding into our discussion this evening in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

Achiba: Amen. Sir, today many are going to be blessed and I know you have a lot to share with us.

D’Praise: Sure. I’m trusting the Holy Spirit to use me to bless us all.

Achiba: Holy Spirit… Sure! So sir let’s begin the exploration. Today was awesome right?

D’Praise: By the grace of God. How about you?

Achiba: Awesome sir. So sir, who’s Dennis Enim? What’s your background?

D’Praise: Okay, Dennis Enim is a young man from Ghana. I come from Winneba and the North at the same time. I’m a Marketer as well as Musician. I minister the Word through my music. And former… Yh.

Achiba: Wow! But I heard some former… What did you want to say?

D’Praise: Alright. I was a former member of the Preachers. I founded Preachers some years back. So people know me in the urban industry from that angle. But D’Praise is the new me now, the new brand of me.

Achiba: Wow! Interesting. Do you really want to talk about the Preachers if I may want to ask what I want to know?

D’Praise: Okay, shoot.

Achiba: Thank you sir.

Why are you not part of the Preachers now? The founder is not part of what he created. What really happened?

D’Praise: I knew this question is going to come one day. Okay, the reason why I’m not part of the Preachers right now is because I was in the midst of rappers and I was the only singer so I decided to lay back a little bit to look into my singing career and pray to God to tell me what he really wanted me to do. No hard feelings, we just went on separate ways.

The guys were growing and getting better so there was a need to focus on my talent as a single artist. I’ve done my part of coming out with the group. We did some good tracks and impartation to people but it was time to move on as a single person. It’s just like Joe Mettle who left the Soul Winners, you can say is the same thing. We still have contact with each other, we talk and they’re still good friends. No hard feelings.

Achiba: No hard feelings?

D’Praise: Oh sure! No hard feelings but human beings are human beings. In the beginning, there was some small feelings but right now it’s sorted out. I’ve been refined. I talk to them especially Obed(Preachers), we chat a lot but not often as we use to. I love what they’re doing. I’m also pursuing a different way and I’m cool with what the Lord is using me to do.

D’Praise with the Prachers.

Achiba: Wow! Nice story.

Okay sir, what made you choose the music career?

D’Praise: Okay. I always had this talent of singing in me and it’s all started way back in Action Chapel. I was in the choir. I learnt a lot from there. I chose the music career because it helps me preach out the gospel in my way to people. So I will say I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to choose the music career.

Achiba: Interesting sir.

So why Jesus? Why and when did you receive Jesus?

D’Praise: I really received Him when I was in the the Senior High School. At a point in life, I realized I haven’t taken Him serious. I wasn’t a kind of a bad boy though, I always look like the good guy but I have my own shortcomings. At a point, I realized I need Jesus in my life because nothing was working and the conviction was always there to actually do His work. Accepting Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour, I personally think it’s a habit because we’re not perfect. So I even receive Him daily. So after receiving Him, you need to grow in the Word and to learn more about the Word.

The more you learn, the more you see some of the things that you were doing that wasn’t good, the more you let go of bad habits. So as at now, I still receive Him just to become conscious of my salvation.

Achiba: Family, you need Jesus in your life. Receive Him now! Wonderful talk sir.

So sir, how have you developed your career?

D’Praise: I think I’m still developing it because it’s a new brand. I basically fund the thing myself so I do it step by step. Sometimes people give some money to support my production. If you’re doing gospel in this country, please forget any help. It will take your passion and vim to do it. The starting is not easy but all things work together for our good. It says in Jeremiah,”For I know the plans I have for you…” So He knows you and at the right time will open doors for you. It maybe long or short but remember you’re on purpose.

So I’m now developing my career. I did put one with Kingzkid and then I did “Blow My Mind“. So I’ve been releasing singles for now and in the studio, there are six songs actually ready. I’m adding more though. I don’t do things by myself, I wait for the prompting of the Spirit. I talk to my team. Charley, we’re coming hard.

Dennis Enim with Kingzkid.

Achiba: Wow! That’s interesting. Thank God, He knows me. I’m really blessed sir.

So sir, what’s the best advice you’ve been given?

D’Praise: The best best advice was given to me by my spiritual father. He said, “Focus on your ministry, it’ll will open doors for you. Seeking God’s kingdom first is the best thing ever and don’t rely on humans”. That’s all.

Achiba: I love this one sir.

Do you love reading?

D’Praise: Love reading? No. Honestly, I don’t love reading. I love calculation. I read the Bible. Once a while I read because I need to learn more. Sometimes I read about about music and notes just to improve my craft.

Achiba: Calculation I love! That’s nice sir.

So who are your biggest influence?

D’Praise: My mum. She has really touched my life. She’s Mrs. Agnes Bonney (my first love). She’s my mother and father. She is a single parent.

Achiba: Aww! God bless your mom. She’s really blessed to have you as a son.

Now let’s talk about your new single,”I Surrender.” Why this song? What inspired you to come with this? It’s really blessing me. I even call it Prayer Booster.

D’Praise: Wow. I like the name, Prayer Booster. This is my first ever worship song. It has really blessed me and others. This song actually came when I was recording my various songs. I have Hip pop song, RnB but I’ve not done a worship song. Before I continue, bravo to all worship ministers out there because writing a worship song is not easy. You have to be tuned with the Holy Spirit and also have to feel and understand the what you’re singing. So with my own, I have to look back and see how life has been. When I was growing up, in school, work and in my career, there have been challenges throughout. I was like if it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t have been where I’m today. So I got these words in my spirit, which was, “I Surrender“.

Click here to download the song on Audiomack.

So I wanted God to know I’m surrendering myself to Him totally and I want Him to use me. I acknowledged that He’s the Alpha and Omega. So this song is about salvation. I did the chorus, so this friend of mine called Melanie in the states was told about the song by me. She loved it, then we came with it.

Achiba: Wonderful sir. This is so inspiring. Your voice on this song is so sweet. Any freestyle for us?

Dennis Enim gave us freestyle with his angelical voice and it was worth hearing. We really enjoyed it.

So sir, if you were an instrument, what would you be and why?

D’Praise: Okay. I would like to be two instruments, the acoustic and the piano (keyboard). Sometimes, I may not have the words to write a song but when I hear the sound of acoustic, it lift up the spirit within me. It gives me the inspiration and I flow with even a freestyle. The keyboard also gives me more vibes and draws me more into my inner self. These instruments speak. Even when you speak nothing, they speak something.

Achiba: Wow! Wow! Last question sir.

What’s the biggest risk that you’ve taken?

D’Praise: I like this question. I was thinking of it right now. When I completed school, when I was with Obed and I met Eddy (I’m talking about Preachers’ days). We needed to record songs, there was no money and we were new to the system. I took a big risk and I will never forget, I will always be proud of it as long as I live. I took the risk of contributing my national service money every month. Even like 90% of it, I contributed it all, helping us to record songs in the studio for a whole year and it was worth it. At least even if I’m not part of Preachers right now, it has taken them that far.

Achiba: Wow! God bless you sir. I have to take risk always and I know it’ll be worthy.

Any word for the Youth?

D’Praise: Yes. I have a word for the youth. I just want them to know that,”Taking God serious is the best thing you can ever do. It is said that, “Serve the Lord in thy Youth…” This is the time you have the energy, you’re strong and you can do the work of God very well. Because some days are coming when you’re married with kids and gets old, you may not have the strength to do it. When you dedicate your time to God’s work, it’s one of the best things you could ever do. I want to encourage every youth out there especially who’s in the music industry that to believe in God and know that what He has placed in your heart will surely let it come to pass. You’ll have challenges and I know.

Dennis Enim ministering.

Now, urban music is accepted in the church. You can now rap in the charismatic churches so you have no excuse. Whatever talent you have, develope it and use it for the work of God. Don’t think about the fame, think about the impartation. Always remember this. Study the Word and go according to His plans. Don’t take a step without the Holy Spirit not leading you. Be conscious to the Spirit guidance. God be with you.

Achiba: Any blessings for GP One on One Chat?

D’Praise: God bless you, GP One on One Chat for having me on this platform. It always inspiration and a blessing to be a blessing to others because I’ve been blessed myself with this interview.

May God increase you and give you more audience. May God open your territories so that you can reach out to many. Today, you’re doing it on WhatsApp, it’ll be on all social media platforms. This time it’ll be on program on TV stations and you’ll be reaching out to massive crowd. Thank you for having me.

Achiba: Amen! Thank you sir. Sir I’m really blessed with this awesome interview. You’re really kind and humble.

D’Praise: Thank you very much! You have a big heart and love for God’s work. May He keep on blessing you and open more opportunities for you.

Achiba: A big Amen! Sir, you’ve seen nothing yet in your ministry. You’ll break boundaries. Kings and Queens will stand to salute. Thanks for honouring this program.

D’Praise: Thank you too.
And I receive the pronouncements in Jesus mighty name.

Achiba: Alright! We’ve come to the end of this interview.

So it’s GP One on One Chat with Dennis Enim aka D’Praise. Family, I hope you’re enjoying your blessings? Enjoy!

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Closing Prayer

Father thank you for an awesome time with D’Praise. We’re really blessed and we know that our lifes has been moved to another level. We bless your name in Jesus’s name. Amen.

Thank you for reading. Now, who’s our next Guest Speaker?

GP One on One Chat with Paul Issifu.

On the 28th of March, 2021 was an awesome guest speaker who’s personable and has outstanding personality. He’s a finance Officer. He loves the Youth. He’s also the Youth President in his adorable local church, Assemblies of God. He’s a speaker and also a music lover. He is Paul Issifu.

Your favourite host, Achiba Gascony got into his world and explored his hidden life principles to his success in life. What he said will blow your mind.
Let’s get into the interview.

GP One on One Chat with Paul Issifu

The Interview.

Achiba: Sir, today was a great day. Did you enjoy your day?

Paul: By the grace of God.

Achiba: We thank God and I know you’re really kicking. Sir please before we begin to explore your world, who’s actually Paul Issifu?

Paul: I think you have answered this already in your introduction. However my name is Paul. An apostle of God by calling and Finance Officer by profession. To some, I’m known as a singer, another a prophet, to others a leader and the list goes on. So I just like to be referred as Paul.

Achiba: Apostle! Wow. That’s wonderful. So, what’s the most important thing we should know about you?

Paul: I don’t copy that please.

Achiba: Okay sir. So sir, why Jesus? Why should you accept Jesus at this age?

Paul: Alright! Now, all we need to understand is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the creator, giver and sustainer of life. Whether you’re an atheist or a believer, you were created by this Jesus. The fundamental principle is that, we’re living in a wretched world polluted and contaminated by sin. This isn’t the world God created so the agenda of Jesus coming on earth is to restore the dominion mandate unto man. You see. And the reason why people trivialise the salvation of Jesus Christ is because they haven’t had any revelation of who Jesus is. And the thing is, you don’t have life without Christ. The Bible says, “He who hath the Son hath life; he who does not have the Son does not have life.

Apostle Paul Issifu

There’s nothing more regretting than getting into an old age where you sit down and you realised that you haven’t done anything proper with your life. There’s a story of a man who was very rich, he had everything and was 90 years old, that’s when he had an encounter with Christ. He became born again. This is what he said, “When I die (he died at 96) you people should write the year I received Christ to the year I died because those are the only years I lived on earth.” What he was trying to say is that they should recall that he only lived for 6 years. All the 90 years he lived on earth was wasted years.

Youth, it is important to seek Jesus now. This is the time serving God is sweet because now you’re strong and active. Don’t wait to wish you could do something. This is the right time.

Achiba: Wow sir. This is wonderful! I’m really blessed with this word. Thank you sir.

Sir, they say people who love this Jesus thing don’t take education seriously. Is that true?

Paul: It’s not true. As a young boy, I grew up in a Christian family. I’ve always been a Christian when I was young. Serving God didn’t mean that I wasn’t taking my studies serious. You can ask about me and you’ll realise that I wasn’t dumb. But sometimes it’s because of how we Christians behave; we don’t study. The fact that you’re serving God doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn. Take your academics serious. You should be intelligent that people will come to you for help. That will serve as an opportunity to win souls.

People shouldn’t understand you if you’re a Christian. When you sit by your book, speak in tongues. See, I can’t fail because I study with the Spirit of God. Education came from the church and it’s very important. So the fact that you’re Christian doesn’t mean you don’t take education seriously.

Achiba: Speaking in tongues? I don’t really believe it. Do you think it’s very necessary?

Paul: You don’t need to believe it. What I tell people is to do what they believe in. I’ve told you what works for me. If you think sleeping to see questions in your dreams works for you, you do it.

Achiba: Do what you believe! Wow sir. Interesting.

Finance Officer. Why did you choose this career?

Paul: Well, I didn’t plan of becoming a Finance Officer. I studied Business Administration in school but I came out and there was opportunity in the finance field. So I decided to take it. I didn’t really plan to be, I just saw an opportunity and grabbed it.

Paul Issifu at work.

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Achiba: Interesting. So sir, what’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Paul: Under the PVC pipeline. That’s; Purpose, Vision and Career. Discover your purpose and the vision God has entrusted to you. Make sure your career is in line with that and you’ll enjoy your career. I’ve been working with NGOs after National Service because my purpose and vision are in line with what they do.

Achiba: I was really expecting this. So sir, how do you seek opportunities?

Paul: I won’t say we seek opportunities but you prepare for them. That’s why it’s an opportunity. That’s why people say, “Opportunity comes but once.” I don’t entirely agree with that cliché. There are a lot of opportunities out there, all you have to do is to change your mentality.

Achiba: Nice one sir. So sir, what are you currently reading?

Paul: A lot of things. Every month I learn something related to my career or not related to my career.

Achiba: Sir, What’s your favourite book?

Paul: I have never thought of that. I read quality materials from good authors. So I don’t really have a favourite book.

Achiba: Sir, what’s the most useless talent you have?

Paul: I don’t have. That’s why it’s a talent. If a talent is useless then it’s not a talent. Talents are gifts from God and every gifts from God is perfect. There are no useless talents. Your talents is to help you work with ease.

He sings with passion.

Achiba: Last question sir. Who are your biggest influence in life?

Paul: My family especially my mother and my big brother.

Achiba: That’s nice. Any word for the Youth?

Paul: I will encourage everyone to keep pursuing God. When you pursue God, the thing that men pursue will pursue you. When you make God first in your life, He’ll make you first in every good thing. When you make God the head of your life, He’ll make you a headline. Thank you and I love you’ll.

Achiba: Sir I’m very honoured for having you here. You’re so humble, loving and very kind. I really appreciate you sir.

Paul: Thank you too. I will like to thank the leadership of this great commission. I see this going far and see this initiative touching lives, touching nations and going beyond the walls of this country. Thank you for having me.

Achiba: Amen sir.

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Wooo! What an awesomeness. Thanks be unto God. Thanks also to friends and partners for making this platform a possibility. God bless you.

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