GP One on One Chat with Paul Issifu.

On the 28th of March, 2021 an awesome guest speaker who’s personable and outstanding personality. He’s a finance Officer. He loves the Youth. He’s also the Youth President in his adorable local church, Assemblies of God. He’s a speaker and also a music lover. He is Paul Issifu.

Your favourite host, Achiba Gascony got into his world and explored his hidden life principles to his success in life. What he said will blow your mind.
Let’s get into the interview.

GP One on One Chat with Paul Issifu

The Interview.

Achiba: Sir, today was a great day. Did you enjoy your day?

Paul: By the grace of God.

Achiba: We thank God and I know you’re really kicking. Sir please before we begin to explore your world, who’s actually Paul Issifu?

Paul: I think you have answered this already in your introduction. However my name is Paul. An apostle of God by calling and Finance Officer by profession. To some, I’m known as a singer, another a prophet, to others a leader and the list goes on. So I just like to be referred as Paul.

Achiba: Apostle! Wow. That’s wonderful. So, what’s the most important thing we should know about you?

Paul: I don’t copy that please.

Achiba: Okay sir. So sir, why Jesus? Why should you accept Jesus at this age?

Paul: Alright! Now, all we need to understand is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the creator, giver and sustainer of life. Whether you’re an atheist or a believer, you were created by this Jesus. The fundamental principle is that, we’re living in a wretched world polluted and contaminated by sin. This isn’t the world God created so the agenda of Jesus coming on earth is to restore the dominion mandate unto man. You see. And the reason why people trivialise the salvation of Jesus Christ is because they haven’t had any revelation of who Jesus is. And the thing is, you don’t have life without Christ. The Bible says, “He who hath the Son hath life; he who does not have the Son does not have life.

Apostle Paul Issifu

There’s nothing more regretting than getting into an old age where you sit down and you realised that you haven’t done anything proper with your life. There’s a story of a man who was very rich, he had everything and was 90 years old, that’s when he had an encounter with Christ. He became born again. This is what he said, “When I die (he died at 96) you people should write the year I received Christ to the year I died because those are the only years I lived on earth.” What he was trying to say is that they should recall that he only lived for 6 years. All the 90 years he lived on earth was wasted years.

Youth, it is important to seek Jesus now. This is the time serving God is sweet because now you’re strong and active. Don’t wait to wish you could do something. This is the right time.

Achiba: Wow sir. This is wonderful! I’m really blessed with this word. Thank you sir.

Sir, they say people who love this Jesus thing don’t take education seriously. Is that true?

Paul: It’s not true. As a young boy, I grew up in a Christian family. I’ve always been a Christian when I was young. Serving God didn’t mean that I wasn’t taking my studies serious. You can ask about me and you’ll realise that I wasn’t dumb. But sometimes it’s because of how we Christians behave; we don’t study. The fact that you’re serving God doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn. Take your academics serious. You should be intelligent that people will come to you for help. That will serve as an opportunity to win souls.

People shouldn’t understand you if you’re a Christian. When you sit by your book, speak in tongues. See, I can’t fail because I study with the Spirit of God. Education came from the church and it’s very important. So the fact that you’re Christian doesn’t mean you don’t take education seriously.

Achiba: Speaking in tongues? I don’t really believe it. Do you think it’s very necessary?

Paul: You don’t need to believe it. What I tell people is to do what they believe in. I’ve told you what works for me. If you think sleeping to see questions in your dreams works for you, you do it.

Achiba: Do what you believe! Wow sir. Interesting.

Finance Officer. Why did you choose this career?

Paul: Well, I didn’t plan of becoming a Finance Officer. I studied Business Administration in school but I came out and there was opportunity in the finance field. So I decided to take it. I didn’t really plan to be, I just saw an opportunity and grabbed it.

Paul Issifu at work.

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Achiba: Interesting. So sir, what’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Paul: Under the PVC pipeline. That’s; Purpose, Vision and Career. Discover your purpose and the vision God has entrusted to you. Make sure your career is in line with that and you’ll enjoy your career. I’ve been working with NGOs after National Service because my purpose and vision are in line with what they do.

Achiba: I was really expecting this. So sir, how do you seek opportunities?

Paul: I won’t say we seek opportunities but you prepare for them. That’s why it’s an opportunity. That’s why people say, “Opportunity comes but once.” I don’t entirely agree with that clichΓ©. There are a lot of opportunities out there, all you have to do is to change your mentality.

Achiba: Nice one sir. So sir, what are you currently reading?

Paul: A lot of things. Every month I learn something related to my career or not related to my career.

Achiba: Sir, What’s your favourite book?

Paul: I have never thought of that. I read quality materials from good authors. So I don’t really have a favourite book.

Achiba: Sir, what’s the most useless talent you have?

Paul: I don’t have. That’s why it’s a talent. If a talent is useless then it’s not a talent. Talents are gifts from God and every gifts from God is perfect. There are no useless talents. Your talents is to help you work with ease.

He sings with passion.

Achiba: Last question sir. Who are your biggest influence in life?

Paul: My family especially my mother and my big brother.

Achiba: That’s nice. Any word for the Youth?

Paul: I will encourage everyone to keep pursuing God. When you pursue God, the thing that men pursue will pursue you. When you make God first in your life, He’ll make you first in every good thing. When you make God the head of your life, He’ll make you a headline. Thank you and I love you’ll.

Achiba: Sir I’m very honoured for having you here. You’re so humble, loving and very kind. I really appreciate you sir.

Paul: Thank you too. I will like to thank the leadership of this great commission. I see this going far and see this initiative touching lives, touching nations and going beyond the walls of this country. Thank you for having me.

Achiba: Amen sir.

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Wooo! What an awesomeness. Thanks be unto God. Thanks also to friends and partners for making this platform a possibility. God bless you.

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Remember, the Youth is You.

Join me next week same time and let’s discover the world of the youth.

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GP One on One Chat with Jake D’Prince.

On the Sunday, 21st March, 2021, a discussion went on between Achiba Gascony(host) and the Gracified hit maker, Jake D’Prince.

Jake D’Prince is a Musician, Audio Engineer and a Music Producer. He’s a lover of Jesus and has performed on different stages in the Church Kingdom. He’s the first guest speaker to be on the GP One on One Chat platform. That’s history.

The Interview.

Achiba: Sir, how are you?

Jake: I’m excellent please. Yourself?

Achiba: I’m gracified sir. Sir please can you tell us a little about your background?

Jake: This matter! Okay, my full name is Jake Neequaye Kotey. I’m a Ga from Teshie, Accra in Ghana. I just love Jesus. I love music and I love to read my Bible. What else can I say? Eerrm I’m a music producer as you said. I write songs and work on so many things. I’m getting into business as well. That’s all I can say.

Achiba: Why Jesus and the Bible? People say guys like you don’t accept Christ. Why and how did you love Jesus?

Jake: I think I chose Jesus because I heard a lot about Him. Actually, I didn’t like church. Everybody in my house will go to church but me I won’t go. I’ve always love to be very cool and tried my possible best to be humble enough so choosing Jesus was the right option for me and I love Him .

Achiba: Wow very inspiring. So it works. If you don’t have Christ, today is your day. Sir, what made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

Jake: Great! I love music. When I was in High School , I read a lot of books so I noticed in a book that, “When you do the things you love, you get better in it more than doing things for money.” I chose music because I loved it and I felt I can build my life around music. I just love it.

Jake D’Prince

Achiba: Oh so it’s love and purpose. Okay, tell us something about your education.

Jake: I did technical coarse in High School. I went to music school to studied Sounds in Doxa University in Dansoman, Accra-Ghana. So now I have a Diploma in Sounds which I don’t use. I love to learn on YouTube. I study more online and people who know better than me.

Achiba: Diploma in Sounds. Wow, that’s fantastic. Why didn’t you attend university? People say you can’t make it without it.

Jake: Big lie. From the pit of hell. I believe in education but I don’t believe in school. You can go to school and not have nothing. We’ve been lured and brainwashed that, “If we don’t go to the university, we can’t make it in life.” That’s not true. The Apostles didn’t go to school yet they were educated. Knowledge is more important because what you know is what’s going to guide you. University or school doesn’t matter in this life( it may matter for others), what matters is the impact you make. Don’t let anyone tie university around your neck, the most important thing is the Word of God.

Achiba: Wow. I’m impressed. So what’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Jake: Great. Best advice. I was told to focus on getting a name with God, than that of being famous in the midst of men. God is the focus. His wil, purpose and plans are the focus. My pastor, Pastor Kay, Christ Embassy, Achimota Branch, told me this.

Achiba: Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Jake: Sometimes. Hillsongs. One of my favourite is “King of Kings.’

Performing at church.

Achiba: Hey Fam, if you want to sing in the shower, get some Hillsongs. Sir, who are your biggest influence?

Jake: They are;

  • Pastor Chris Oyakyilome.
  • Pastor Biodun Lawal
  • Bishop Dag Hayward Mills
  • Kathryn Khulman
  • Pastor Enoch of CEYC
  • Lecrae
  • Jamie Grace

Achiba: Wow sir. Do you have any
favourite books?

Jake: Yes. Some of them are;

  • Power of Your Mind by Pastor Chris.
  • Good Morning Holy Spirit by Pastor Benny Hinn.
  • Manifestations of the Spirit by Bishop Oyedepo.

To our surprise, Jake D’Prince shared three e-book copies on the platform. They were;

  • The Harvest by Derek Prince.
  • Strangers To Failure by Benson Idahosa.
  • Manifestations of the Spirit by David O. Oyedepo.

Achiba: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Jake: Maybe building construction as was proposed by my parents.

Achiba: Oh nice. Gracified hit maker. I’ve been enjoying it for the whole week. What was the reason behind that song?

Jake: God has been so good. Where I started, till now, God has been faithful. That’s why I worked on Gracified. People love the song and the video and all thanks be unto God.

Check Jake D’Prince ft. Brightico – Gracified on YouTube πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Achiba: Any word for the youth?

Jake D’Prince: If you’re a young person, there’s no better life outside God. Maybe you may think you’re having fun outside but it actually not a fun. I call it troubles. There’s no better thing in the world and the devil doesn’t make it better. Turn to God.

Achiba: I’m so honoured sir. I’m really going to stay in God. You’re really humble and awesome. You’re a blessing too.

Jake: Thank you for having me. I’m grateful. I pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen, teach and guide you in this. That this platform will be one that will help lots of young people out there. God bless you.

Achiba: Amen sir.

This GP One on One Chat with Jake D’Prince. Thank you Fam, for reading and I assure you your life will never be the same.

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5 Trait That Define Great Leadership

To motivate your team to achieve the highest levels of performance (and create an extraordinary organization in the process), here are the qualities you should model every day.

1. Decisiveness
All leaders must make tough decisions. They understand that in certain situations, difficult and timely decisions must be made in the best interests of the entire organization, decisions that require firmness, authority, and finality that will not please everyone. Extraordinary leaders don’t hesitate in such situations. They also know when not to act unilaterally but instead foster collaborative decision-making.

2. Honesty
Strong leaders treat people the way they want to be treated. They are extremely ethical and believe that honesty, effort, and reliability form the foundation of success. They embody these values so overtly that no employee doubts their integrity for a minute. They share information openly and avoid spin control.

3. Optimism
The very best leaders are a source of positive energy. They communicate easily. They are intrinsically helpful and genuinely concerned for other people’s welfare. They always seem to have a solution, and always know what to say to inspire and reassure. They avoid personal criticism and pessimistic thinking and look for ways to gain consensus and get people to work together efficiently and effectively as a team.

4. Accountability
Extraordinary leaders take responsibility for everyone’s performance, including their own. They follow up on all outstanding issues, check in on employees, and monitor the effectiveness of company policies and procedures. When things are going well, they praise. When problems arise, they identify them quickly, seek solutions, and get things back on track.

5. Confidence
The confidence of the great leader is contiguous. They do not keep their confidence to themselves, they often spread their confidence to the team. Employees are naturally drawn to them, seek their advice, and feel more confident as a result.

Put it all together, and what emerges is a picture of the truly inspiring leader: someone who communicates clearly, concisely, and often, and by doing so motivates everyone to give his or her best all the time.

Achiba Gascony

Why I’m Here.

You don’t go out of your house without knowing where you’re going. You don’t get to where you are going without knowing why you’re there. There must be a purpose in everything. Purpose is what differentiates a sound man from a mad man( I’m not being sarcastic).

Why am I here? Do I write because everyone is writing? What’s the reason behind my words? Do you even know who I am? Don’t worry, I will tell you.

Purpose is what differentiates a sound man from a mad man (I’m not being sarcastic).

Achiba Gascony

I’m Justice Opare Addo, born in 18th February, 1999 at Akwatia in the Eastern Region of Ghana,West Africa. I grew up in Accra in the capital city of Ghana. This is my education career; I went to Abeka ‘3’ Primary School, Accra, completed grade six over there. I continued and completed my Junior High level in Taifa Community School, Accra. My Senior High level (college) was in Asamankese Senior High School. Why am I lecturing you all these? Maybe, to let you know that I also went to school.

The most important thing, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and I’m now a Christian. I’m a member of the Loveworld Incorporation a.k.a Christ Embassy. I worship at Christ Embassy, Accra Zone. Pastor Chris Oyakyilome is our president and founder of my church. Pastor Biodun Lawal is my zonal pastor. I love Jesus and my church.

Now why do I write? I’m a youth lover who is passionate to see a turnaround in every youth life in a positive and impactful way. My writings is to inject positive dosage in everyone’s veins especially the youth. I’m making the truth naked because with it every man shall be set free.

My goals are; 1. To make the truth spread and available to all souls. 2. To unite all youth unto one purpose. 3. To help all men to discover their purpose. 4. To produce youth entrepreneurs with business mindset. 5. To produce souls and soul winners for Christ. 6. To make leaders. These are my goals in writing and reasons why you shouldn’t skip or ignore my blog.

Thank you very much for reading and I bet you your life will never be the same again.

I love you.

I write because something in me hates to be quite.

God’s Greatest Invention by Jerry Logan

Do you know man is God’s greatest invention.

Man is God’s greatest technology. Your life is a story God is narrating to the World. God is the origin of life. And since God is a Spirit, it means life is spiritual. Those who live impactful lives are those who live from the spiritual angle. The physical life is only a print out of the spiritual. You must understand that your life is not an experiment. The coordinates of your life have been preordained by God. This means God holds the password to your destiny. Because your future is history to God.

Lots of young people are scoring low in the assessment of destiny. When God wants to make someone great, He captures them in their youth.
Your youth is an opportunity to write your future with the pen of your life. Your life is a pen.
David wrote his future with the pen of his youth. He dedicated his entire youth stage to God. God had his attention. If God can get your attention, He can write a beautiful story with your life. A story that will inspire nations and turn many to righteousness. Your destiny is arranged in your youth. Your youth is the foundation of your life. It must be solid.

When you recognise that God has called you, you live like an answer. The Lord is doing a lot with many young people around the world. You’re not an exception. Every man who fulfilled his destiny in the Lord was yielded.

The KEYWORD is YIELDEDNESS. Your life is God’s gift to you. How you build your life is your gift to God. The building blocks of your future are captured within the scope of your yieldedness to God. Those who walk with God becomes stars.
Your destiny has been programmed in Christ already, all you need to do is to YIELD.
Those who give their best to God see God’s best.
God wants to move you from the meridian of confusion. If God can have your heart fully, He can build your life fully.

David gave God his youth, he became a king. Joseph gave God his youth, he became a Prime minister. Daniel gave God his youth, God made him a star in a foreign country.
Jesus Christ said “Follow me and I will make you…………”
It means, Your making is in your followership. If you can follow Him,he’ll make you. All those who are made great, followed greatly.

Your future is not a mystery. Your future is built by virtue of your followership and YIELDEDNESS.
Don’t wait to be old before you start serving God.
It might be too late.

How Do You Grow?

  • Read your Bible.
  • Pray everyday.
  • Increase the tempo.

Don’t live your life to chance. Take hold of the steering wheel and drive your life on the pathway of God’s plan for you. Yes.
There must be appetite for spiritual growth. There has to be consistency. People are more malleable and yielded in their youth. That’s why it’s important you dedicate your entire youth to God.

You must learn to deal with distractions.
Some distractions don’t look like distractions till they finish distracting you.

Deut 11:13 And it shall come to pass, if ye shall hearken diligently unto my commandments which I command you this day, to love the LORD your God, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul,

Your youth is a seed. It blossoms into a tree that yields the fruit(results) of your future. Decide to make everyday of your life count for Jesus.

He’s the way to your future.
There’s no other way.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Your Youth Is A seed

In our youth, our minds are moulded, our tastes are formed and our ideas are suggested.
The Bible says “Remember your creator in the days of your youth”
Those who truly love God don’t only put Him first place, they put Him every place.

We’re the builders.

Many young people want God to change their situation and take them out of their problems
But the thing is; God is more interested in transforming you, than in changing your situations.
If God can get your attention, time and heart, He can mould you into greatness.

Ephesians 5:17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord [is].

Wisdom is understanding God’s will and walking in it without reservations.
Your youth is a seed, and where you sow it matters… This is the best time to get your roots driven deeper into the things of God.
Because you will become who you’re becoming. There’s no greatness outside God’s plan.
God wants to transmit His Light through us to our world.
We’re the hope of this world.
If you don’t hunger after the things of God in your youth, when the things of God come your way, you won’t be able to recognise them.

The Bible says we’re lively stones being built up into spiritual houses.
Your youth is the building stage of your life,
God is the architect

And we’re the builders
Many are building their lives with the wrong designs
The kind of people and things that come your way are consistent with the message that dominates your life.
For you to walk in God’s Will, His Word must dominate your mind.
Plant yourself in God’s Word.
It’s beyond going to Church
The Church must be seen through you , even after you’ve closed from church.

Most people think God wants their monies and resources. No no no
God is not only interested in what we have or what we do.

He’s more interested in who we are.
Many young people want to be Great
But you see,
Greatness is from inside out
God cannot do through you, what He hasn’t done inside you
Your youthful years are your formative years
Your youthful years is where God builds Himself inside you, He forms and moulds His desires in you.
As you grow in the Lord, you begin to give expression to His power at work in you.
Don’t rush to make it in life.

God has to make it in you first.
Take charge of your life.
Decide to be different
Decide to be the light of your world.
God is not holding anything back from you
The truth is there are some things you can’t have access to, till you grow in the Lord

A child cannot become a doctor at the age of 4, he has to grow. God has a lot for us.
God wants to shake the world through us.
He wants His plans to be made known through us.
We need to grow!
We need to want more of God.
Growth is a proof of life

We cannot be greater than our level of Growth…
Your growth in the Lord is what sets the experiences of your life.
The answer to what you’ve been praying for is GROWTH.
God is waiting for you to grow
Every version of your life attracts things

There are some things you can never attract till you update yourself to a higher version of yourself.
God cannot download His files within your spirit when your mind is outdated(out of sync with His Will). Upgrade and update yourself in God’s Word.

Remember, your youth is your seed.

Value Them

Why are we not satisfied to be with all kinds of people? The thing is that all men are human but of different kinds – we’re not the same. You can’t expect the same thing from all men. That’s absurd. Men have different views and understanding. Your world is different from theirs. Now, would you ignore their world? No.

There’s something called value. Highly esteem other men. This bring us together and create a sense of peace. Value all men, respect them and show them love. Make them feel important. This has made slaves become princes. The poor’s opinion has been taken into consideration. It’s has promote equality. Why won’t you value them more than yourself?

People who value people more than themselves do more for people than themselves. I think that’s the reason for everyone’s purpose, to serve humanity. It’s not foolishness to esteem men more than yourself. It’s growth and discipline.

The value you have for others attract value from others.

Never complain about any man. Value them. Value them even if the don’t value you ; the goal is to value all men. This will break selfishness into pieces and make a better person out of you. Never say no to value. Value in works and in words. Value up. Value down. Value all way round.

Start from today. They people you never valued, start with them and see how your world will change into new. This is what I do and how I live and it’s working.

Jesus values you a lot.

Remember, Value them.

Value will change your world.

Levi on Life

Sometimes we get shock on how life charges us daily. Some don’t even know they have something to pay to life.

Every one owes life and we pay whether we are aware or not. Mr. Life, like a landlord, always stands behind our door ready to receive a token that will keep us alive.

Keep us alive? Yes! Do you think you’re breathing freely? Do you think you’re shouting just like that? Life doesn’t come for your country’s currency. Life comes for nature’s currency.

Whenever you shout, you pay energy. Whenever you breath, you pay carbon dioxide. If you want to live long, you pay obedience. Life charges us daily.

You’re not enjoying certain things in life because you’ve not paid to Mr. Life yet. There’s a currency that when you pay life, every good in it cannot reject you.

The currency is Jesus Christ.

Believe in Jesus and the next time Mr. Life will come behind you door, you’ll be surprised.

Remember, there’s levi on life and Jesus Christ got you covered.

Achiba Titbit

The Truth Produces

What is a lie when there’s no truth? Truth says there’s a lie. The truth is there to clear every lie in the history and the future of humanity. Yet, some humans reject the truth. They reject it to satisfy their ignorance and pride, I call it arrogance.

Truth cries on the streets, crying for men to locate Him. Crying not twice and not thrice but zillions. Who loves me? Who needs me? He cries.

Truth doesn’t need men. Truth is true without men. It is men that need truth. How helpless we are without the truth! The truth sets us free and gives things free. The truth produces!

Truth is anything that produces life and if only what you have is a death warrant, then please you maybe far away from the truth. You shall know the truth and you shall be free. Truth gives amnesty to the prisoner. It’s gives food to the hungry man. The truth produces!

The truth is that Christ is the permanent solution to man’s crises. He has offered the all-time panacea. The way out of troubled man is to forsake the human-inspired solutions to the universal crises and embrace God’s program of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. The truth produces!

What in the world do you need? The truth! The truth produce all that you need including your uncle’s need. The truth reveals the righteousness of God. The truth produces wealth, life, health, light and all things (all things are of God). The truth produces!

Let us follow the truth, spread the truth and defend the truth because the truth produces.

Achiba Titbit.